Zastone d9000 Review. Is it Really Worth It?

Zastone d9000 is a two in one mobile radio with an LCD display and has many features and functions. There are eight color options with the LCD to view the display according to your choice day or night. The screen resolution and adjustment are truly amazing with this small and portable device. The range of power supply for it is between 12 to 24 volts.

Zastone d9000 has the advanced feature of having a microphone attached to it easily. By using the microphone, the interface between the host and the radio panel can occur easily. It has a dual frequency range from AM to FM and provides the best monitor to receive all those frequency ranges.

The display head of zastone d9000 makes a separation between the aluminum die-cast and the RF unit of power. It also uses a control cable which is about 10 feet in length. It has a relay function that helps in relaying the frequency. Generally, it consists of a trio of speakers with the dual speaker present in the built-in system of the radio. In contrast, a single radio present at the external side is used for communication purposes in vehicles such as cars.

While we look at the LCD features of the zastone d9000, it displays many things, such as the range of frequency timing and different icons for different features. Whatever you operate and open will be displayed on the LCD, making it easier to operate the radio. There are separate keys given for back and forth operation, which helps you to choose components or anything from the main menu and the control panel.

Zastone D9000 Review

The unique feature of this radio is it allows the space for the installation of different kinds of cables for your satisfaction for different purposes. You can add additional 10 feet or 20 feet cable to make certain connections with your radio, mostly the host and receptor connections.

As far as the display options are concerned, the radio also provides a mixture of different colors for making a combination of two or more colors for the users. You can also adjust the screen brightness and backlight by manual control.

Along with all the internal features, there are several external features of the radio which are excellent. One of them is the external duct through which the excess heat is released from the radio body and prevents it from overheating or causing damage to the radio body.

Instead of having a single port for the microphone, it allows them to search for the microphone to use it with both hands. You can establish the connection of the microphone with the host and control panel and also the connection of the control panel with the host, which makes a double connection of the microphone and mic.

Zastone d9000

Instead of just listening to the FM radio and switching the channels of various frequencies, it also allows you to make your live broadcast and make audio calls or several group calls.

Coming towards the details of its power supply, zastone d9000 is controlled by a DC power supply. The power range of DC batteries for it can be 12 to 24 volts. When installed in a vehicle, it generates power from the car battery, and there is no need to attach a separate battery with the radio.

It also possesses a battery-saving process that automatically shuts down when not in use so that the battery charge is not wasted. You can also regulate the radio's shutting time manually or use the automatic feature of shut down.


The function of the relay is unique in zastone d9000; this function is quite suitable if you want to access the channels of different frequencies. This function has been developed keeping in view the needs of consumers to make them able and free in their choice of frequencies and channels. As far as the range of frequency is concerned, they have a wide range of frequency for the reception of signals. It is due to the presence of the best function of the relay in zastone d9000.

As discussed earlier, it has three kinds of speakers available in it which can be suitable for different environments like a noisy or a calm environment. This difference in the loudness of the speaker is given so that you can hear the radio voice without any distortion or disturbance, even if you have a noisy background.

Zastone d9000 at a glance

Now, if you look at a glance at the overall features of the zastone d9000, we can say that it is a dual and advanced radio with a mobile connection. It has an excellent quality LCD display. It allows you to access various functions, and the control setup is excellent. The number of channels it can handle successfully is exactly 500, which is more than enough for a single user.

The backlight facility direct provides that it provides is supremely amazing. It enhances the overall display of the LCD and allows you to change the background according to the mode and time. As far as cable installation is concerned, zastone d9000 provides maximum space for the installation of cables to establish several connections like a microphone or any other connections for your satisfaction.

Zastone d9000 at a glance

Zastone d9000 is the perfect dual radio for installation in your vehicle rather it is a car or a truck. There is no need for a separate battery, and it is successfully operated with the car's battery which makes it more likable to be used. It is generally available in black color in the market, which makes it look attractive.

If we talk about the weight of zastone d9000, it is extremely lightweight and does not cause any harm to your vehicle. If you attach an external battery with its weight is about 2 to 3 kg.

Comparison between zastone d9000, MP600 and YS8900

All of these are radio devices having a mobile connection which makes them dual mobile and radio. Let us make a comparison between the three is that you would understand why zastone d9000 is more preferable.

zastone d9000

If we talk about the display of the three, zastone d9000 is better in the display as it has a big LCD and it shows more items for display, making it much easier to operate. In the two models MP600 and YS8900, the display is very small, and mostly the frequency is displayed in the form of segments.


The battery used with zastone d9000 is bigger as compared to the YS900 and MP600, which uses a battery of about 14 volts. Both of these have a single speaker, whereas zastone d9000 is more fun with a trio of speakers for all sorts of environments. Both of these allow the installation of the microphone at a single side in a single port. In contrast, zastone d9000 provides an excellent microphone connection at both hands.


So, from the above-mentioned information and features of zastone d9000, it is evident that zastone 9000 is probably one of the best dual phones and radio available in the market with a very minimal price which makes it suitable for daily use in your vehicles or even your home.


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