Yaesu ft-900 Problems and Troubleshooting Guide for Newbies.

Yaesu ft-900 is a small, user-friendly transceiver whose weight is about 5 kg having a built-in antenna installed in it. It is the best digital converter having an output power of about a hundred watts. It has a perfect LCD display with a control panel are the front to adjust output power. Frequency tuning can easily be done using Yaesu ft-900 through the round knob given at the front panel of it.

The overall look of the Yaesu ft-900 so impressive, with all the parts being well placed in a small space that the owner wants to turn it on and test it at once. Plus it is very easy to use. You only need to have a good manual guide with it, and by using the fuses and DC power cable is given with it, you can make the connections in no time.

Yaesu ft-900 Problems and Troubleshooting

But as it is a device and like every device, there are certain problems associated with it, so you need to check whether you would be able to handle it before buying one. Following are some common problems associated with Yaesu ft-900 and their troubleshooting guide.

A common problem that most of the Yaesu ft-900 users face is that sometimes when you play the audio with it, a flashing light display appears on the LCD, and no audio is played. It is a quite frustrating situation you have planned a trip with your friends, and the radio station stopped working at the last hour. Many people go on banging the control panel of the radio, but the problem can be with your batteries.

Yaesu ft-900 Problems

Instead of going for changing the battery option at once, you can try checking your loop locks from the loop lock panel. Yes, due to a single loop hanging away from the lock, you can have a flashing display without audio on your radio device. So fixing the loop would automatically solve the problem.

Before looking for failure in your device, you must want about the reason why this failure occurred in the first place. It would help you to detect and troubleshoot the exact problem quickly. Once you remember why the problem occurred, it would be easy for you to proceed with the troubleshooting process. Whenever there is a failure with your device, you need to make sure that how many parts of the device are working properly.

Yaesu ft-900 Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

The worst thing is to check the frequency display on the LCD of the radio. You must check if the frequency is right with their respective channel, and when you turn the knob, the frequency changes or not. The other thing you would check is about your receiver that whether it can receive some specific frequency bands or all the frequency bands that you have tuned in earlier.

The other important thing to check is that if all the buttons of the radio are in proper working order. Now by identifying whichever part is not working properly, you can proceed to the next step of checking the things properly using some techniques other than the first manual check-up of your device.

Yaesu ft-900 Problems and Troubleshooting

So, now you need to perform a visual exam of your device. It means the opening of the control panel and looking for the components that need to be replaced due to being burnt or broken. Give check all the birthdays of the power supplies in the receiver mode as well as in transmission. The voltage range for every battery is different, so you must have a circuit diagram in hand to make a cross-check of the voltages.

There are usually five plug-in batteries with the board, so you need to check the voltages with the help of a voltmeter. To check the signals in the wires of circuits that have been soldered, you need to extend the words above the board in a vertical position so that they can be plugged into the voltmeter for proper checking of voltages.

Yaesu ft-900

Now you need to check for the wires that have been soldered badly or whose connections have been loosened. After the troubleshooting has been done, you need to replace the wires with the new good quality ones. You should use a good solder yourself and perform the soldering process in a good way so that your device works properly. Using a voltmeter is essential instead of guessing the voltages or using some low-quality devices.

Some after problems arise with Yaesu ft-900 due to it not being in use for years. When you turn it back on after a long time, it is simply not working at all. For this, performing a CPU reset gets your radio back to working normally. But if you still have a transmission and reception problem and when you switch on to FM radio, there is a noise in the speaker, and it does not have any apparent power of RF.

It indicates that there can be a problem in some sections of your RF board. It can be a problem with your inverter, but there is no apparent way for the detecting the exact problem. But all these things suggest that the diode of the radio is faulty and needs to be changed as it is burning the IC.

Yaesu ft-900 Problems

Connecting the new diode is very easy as there is a space at the backside of the inner panel board by which you can attach the ribbon cable with the help of some pins. Connecting a new diode would not only solve your problem of desired frequency but also upgrades your radio.


So, Yaesu ft-900 is a good working device with a neat look having all the components being installed perfectly in place. If your radio device is not working properly, better perform these simple manual tests on it for proper troubleshooting rather than throwing it away or getting a new one.

If you have a circuit diagram and a user's manual with you. Fixing the Yaesu ft-900 would definitely be a very easy process.


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