Should I Get a CB Radio? Is It Worth It to Buy One This Year?

The Citizens Band Radio, or CB Radio for short, is simply nostalgia as we are now approaching the third decade of the 21st century. It was mainly a device for truck drivers and a gadget of enthusiasm for motorcyclists, off-road drivers, RV owners, and hobbyists.

So, you might be wondering – should I get a CB radio? Is it worth buying one this year?

Despite having incredible features like secure and untampered communication with no licensing problem, the CB radio is no longer an essential device. You can track the weather and traffic conditions on Google. There are apps and websites for finding nearby truck stoppages too. 

But you can get a CB Radio just for fun and talk with your buddies, not as a necessary item anymore. Let's find out if it's still value for money or not.

Know More About CB Radio

The Citizens Band Radio or CB radio is a short-distance communication device for truck drivers, RV drivers, motorcyclists, and state officials. Users can communicate with anyone who has another CB radio within a 40 to 100 miles radius.

This radio device has a very secure and uninterrupted transmission, but most of it depends on antenna, radio, and weather conditions. There are forty channels in a CB radio to communicate.

Know More About CB Radio

Earlier in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even in the first decade of the 21st century, this gadget provided legitimate services for truck drivers or during any emergencies for anyone.

All types of CB radios can be used to know about the weather conditions, listen to podcasts, get traffic updates about road availability, communicate with other nearby drivers, and so on.

What Are the Advantages of A CB Radio?

If you are thinking about getting a CB radio, you need to know its features and advantages. A CB radio serves multiple purposes, and here are the details.

Advantages of A CB Radio

Uninterrupted and Untampered Communication

The CB radio can give you consistent communication with a better antenna setup. You can even talk with your buddies in terrible weather conditions.

Communication Line Is Secure

The CB radios use a very low frequency that helps data to travel faster than high frequencies. There is also a special feature called a unique trait. It means no other radios except CB radios can interrupt your conversations.

Useful in Several Emergencies

Many communication devices fail to serve in emergencies. But a CB radio can send your messages in life-at-stake situations.

Advantages of A CB Radio

A Proper Companion for Long Drives

A CB radio is a proper companion to talk with your friends when traveling alone on the road. Moreover, the channels have an encryption facility so that you can speak with free will.

No Need to Apply for License

You don't need a CB radio license because it comes with federal communications commission standards.

Do You Need A CB Radio in This Era?

When you learn the advantages and features of a Citizen Bands Radio, you may try to get one. But look back for a minute and think, "do you really need to get a CB radio in the 21st century?"

A CB Radio in This Era

To clarify, let's go over some basic points of the technology in this era versus a CB radio.

Weather Conditions

The CB radios were widely used to learn the weather conditions of any places that you wanted to go. It was very helpful to drive and avoid uncertain situations.

But in this era, you have Google Weather and other similar apps that will show you the weather conditions of any area you want, any time you want. You can even check out forecasts with one click.

Therefore, you don't need a CB radio to know weather conditions or spend the extra money to get one.

Learn the Traffics

If you are a truck or RV driver of a busy city, you have to be aware of the traffic or be stuck for hours. But you can avoid the situation by learning about traffic from other drivers through a CB radio.

A CB Radio

But at present, you have Google maps or something like that installed on your smartphone. It shows the live traffic condition of any road in the world, 24/7!

Several Applications

Some applications of CB Radio can help you pass the time during traffic jams - like listening to podcasts.

Your smartphone now has a radio app where you can enjoy live music, listen to the news, etc.

Official Websites

Many cities worldwide have their official website with 24-hour updates. So, if you are going to a new town, check their websites and see which roads are available to drive.

You may not find road availability on Google Maps just yet, but some other apps can help you with that.

Talk with Your Buddies

In the 21st century, you don't need a CB radio to talk with your buddies while you are away or on a long drive.

A CB Radio 21st century

Your smartphone or cellular phone has enough network coverage so that you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at any time. The CB radio, on the other hand, has a transmission limit of 40 to 100 miles.

Nearby Stoppages

If you drive a vehicle like a truck, motorcycle, or RV, you need to find out about the nearby stoppages, gas and petrol stations. Earlier, these answers would come from a CB radio if you ask anyone.

But now you have Google maps and similar third-party apps that can lead you to a nearby gas station or truck stoppage. So, why would you even need a CB radio for that now?

People Have Changed Along with Technologies

Previously when CB radios were popular, people used to help each other regarding any topics on air. But as newer and easier technology rolled out, people switched and now no longer communicate through this channel.

Should I Get a CB Radio

At present, truck and RV drivers don't even use CB radios and have switched to alternatives. So, if you own a CB radio and ask for help or just talk to somebody nearby, you may not get enough quick responses like people once did before.

Community Purposes

Before we came to know about the digital social media platforms in this decade, several CB radios communities had immense popularity. The most prominent ones were the truck drivers community, RV community, motorcyclist club, and many more.

As you know, there are 40 channels in CB radios, and you can use any of them within range. So, these small communities continued their communication through their own channel.

40 channels in CB radios

The most popular track was channel number 19 because you could learn all about traffic, roads, and weather through this channel. Channel number 9 was used for emergencies.

But those days are now well gone by because of the revolution of technology. We have several social media and messaging applications in this modern era where communication with anyone or any group is at the tip of your finger.

So, why buy a CB radio and go through all the troubles of installation when you can get it all with accessible alternatives?

Is It Still Worth Buying One This Year?

So, here comes the big question – is it still worth buying a CB this year? We would suggest not to get one, and here's why.

 CB radios

Pandemic Situation

We all are going through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic situation. That's why most people don't go out much, and they can't provide you with enough info that you need. So, if you buy and start to use a CB radio, you may not be satisfied with the service.

On top of that, truck drivers don't use it anymore, and emergency numbers are available on cellular and telephones.

Technological Advancement

In the 21st century, technology has gotten more advanced than ever. So, you don't need a CB radio for broadcasting weather situations, traffic jams, road direction, etcetera. All of them are available in Google and other similar services.

CB Radio 21st century

Some modern vehicles even come with pre-installed digital road maps and satellite connections. They won't need any radio frequency for directions.

Want to Feel Nostalgic!

Suppose you want to get back to the golden era of CB radios and buy one. You can't talk to your buddies over the CB Radio if they don't have a similar device to communicate with.

If you are a truck driver with a CB radio at present, you may not receive many transmissions or news like the way you used to. On top of that, modern technology will give you much better and faster results than a CB radio.

But There's More!

Professional truck drivers have a strong belief that even now, a CB radio isn't a device of the past. They are pretty helpful even in this modern era.

For example, you don't need any cellular network connection or registration number over a CB radio if you want to warn others about the traffic, accidents, trip delays, safety risks, or any potential issues. So, everyone will be able to drive smoothly and safely during emergencies.

Final Words

The golden era of Citizens Band Radio (CB radio) hasn't died yet. But honestly, if you see such alternatives with great technologies right in front of you, you may want to reconsider your decision.

Should I get a CB radio? Is it worth it to buy this year? Well, you can get a CB radio if you are an old-timey enthusiast as a professional truck driver. But don't forget that using newer alternatives will be much easier for you!


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