How to Install a Satellite Radio Antenna in Your Car?

A satellite radio antenna is specially designed to catch satellite signals. Satellite signals are specially designed for long-range transmission as it covers a wide geographical area compared to the fixed radio stations. Satellite radio has been designed for people in motor vehicles.

Satellite radio can also be called Long-range radio. It transmits the signals far above from space at a long distance from the Earth's surface. How to catch the satellite radio you must have a satellite radio antenna installed in your car or any other vehicle to hear the radio channels of different frequencies.

Working of a satellite radio

Satellite radio works in a very unique way. Radio stations present on the ground transmit the radio signals to the satellite radio, which are far above the Earth's surface. The satellite acts as a reflector and deflects radio signals that to the devices in homes and vehicles so that you can listen to the radio.

a satellite radio

This is done for long-range broadcasts, usually national and international. The frequency range for radio satellites different in every country. It is done so that the people in a specific region are able to access the radio signals from specific satellite radio.

The installation process of a satellite radio antenna

Usually, there are simple monopole antennas for satellite radio signal reception. These antennas usually consist of a small rectangular box that needs to be connected with two wires to your device. The two wires connection are made one for the power of antenna which comes through the electrical system of a car.

a satellite radio antenna

The other wire connection is made with the antenna and the FM modulator. It is present beneath the dashboard in most cars. There is no need to drill in extra points or using extra pair of wires for connecting the satellite radio with your car. So, by making these two connections with your rectangular satellite antenna box, you can get your desired frequency range perfectly.

There are certain advantages of using a simple antenna. First of all, it is very cheap and easy to install. Secondly, it is not a permanent connection and can be removed easily. it is not a long-term connection as the wires connected inside the car goes under wear and tear repeatedly.

installation process of a satellite radio antenna

As the antenna is not screwed on the dashboard so it is a chance that it would fall when the vehicle is exposed to bumps and pits in the road or due to extreme weather conditions like a hot sunny day or snowfall. When we need to attach a signal receiver box with the antenna on the dashboard, so it does not look very neat on your dashboard and takes a lot of space.

Using an FM modulator

Many antennas use an FM modulator to capture the radio signals for your vehicle. It can also be called as a mini radio station. It captures signals and broadcasts them over a small range. The antenna present in your car captures the signals generated by the modulator, and you can hear the radio.

Using an FM modulator

But there is a little disadvantage of FM modulator that its signal transmission is easily interrupted due to the presence of nearby signals and noise from the traffic.

Installing a satellite radio adapter kit

You can also use a write radio adapter kit for the reception of signals in your car antenna. You can attach any kind of antenna with the satellite radio adapter kit. It has two ports for connecting wires. One is connected with the main power source of your car. The other is connected with the antenna.

a satellite radio adapter kit

Installing XM mount magnetic antenna

Installing an XM Mount antenna is supposed to be done on the roof of a car. If you have another antenna mounted already on your car, then it is better to mount the XM Mount magnetic antenna and at a distance of about three to four-meter away from the other. Mounting the antenna at the rear or the front of the car can be done according to the possibility that it has access to space in all the possible directions.

Installing XM mount magnetic antenna
  • The first step includes the installation of cable along with the vehicle. Keep in mind that the cable has to be connected carefully, avoiding the metallic portions of your vehicle that could cut the cable. You need to pull out the rubber plate from the car window or door and install the cable beneath it and then put the rubber back in place.
  • Now bring the cable from the interior side towards the front of the car. You can use and light blade knife to pull a rubber plate throughout the rear of the vehicle.
  • Now you have reached a point where the cable would be attached to the dashboard. Now gently pull out one end of the cable from the rubber plate and make a coil of it. When it meets the carpet of the front seat and then take it to the lower side of the dashboard.
  • There is a little precaution with it, do not keep the excess wire hanging from the rubber plate make a coil of it and secure it at the side of the door.
  • The last has the attachment of cable with the antenna itself. There is an attachment port given with the antenna to connect the wire successfully with it.

Some cars that are larger in size have a facility that they have a brake light just above the rear window of the car. It serves as the most visible path for the entrance of the cables in the car. You can install the antenna in such cars by the following process.

  • First of all, we need to make an entrance for the cable. For this purpose, remove the brake light of the car and make the route for antenna wire through the opening of the brake light. Once you have inserted the wire through the brake light opening, use a speck of silicone to seal it in place.
  • The second step is to make the connection of wire with the satellite radio of your car. For this purpose, you can pass the wire through the carpet of the front seat and connect the wire through the dashboard to your antenna.

What is the benefit of having a satellite antenna installed in your car?

New models of cars have an attached antenna with them to catch the satellite radio signals and access server radio waves of all frequencies that you can get more content from space. Initially, the size of and dinners words small, and they work with small range frequencies. Nowadays, advancements in antennas are being made rapidly to increase the content facility for vehicle drivers.

a satellite antenna installed in your car

Other than getting access to maximum radio channels for entertainment purposes, antennas can actually be very helpful for vehicles, especially for navigation purposes.

Also, the latest antennas would help the car technicians to get access to the vehicle software and update it to make the efficiency of the vehicle better. The purpose of the antenna is to increase the computer based control over vehicles to ensure their safety and proper working.


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