Icom 735 common problems and how to fix them?

Icom 735 is a high-frequency radio that covers a distance of about ten to 160 meters. It is a compact radio box and very easy to use. Its coverage range is from 100 kilohertz to 30 megahertz. It has good quality preamplifiers and noise blockers. It has an analog meter for capturing the signals.

The other features of Icom 735 include its great coverage area and scanning capacity. Along with it creates scanning, it also has twelve memories which do not require auto-tuning for channels every time.

There is a common problem associated with Icom 735 radio set. We are providing a complete guide about common problems and how to fix them.

The common problems with Icom 735 are that the split button is not present, the radio is not working, there is no reception and transmission of signals, and there is some issue with the control buttons of the radio. To fix all these issues, you need to perform a complete repair of the radio, but it is possible to know what to do.

Making an antenna connection

Icom 735
  • You can try replacing the control cable of the radio. Replacing the control cables can actually bring your dead radio to life.
  • The other problem that arises is that the control cable is sometimes not supported by the radio model. For this purpose, we need to open up the radio in then clean all the surfaces, and repaint the radio.
  • Then we need to make a new antenna connection. So as you open up the p a unit of the antenna connection, there is a possibility that the wire from the filter board is broken. It is because the central conductor has loosened. 
  • It means that the antenna connection needs fixing. Remove the filter board and repair the whole by soldering the header pin in it.
  • Now we need a wire to establish the antenna connection. To attach a wire with the pin and fold it in a c shape and fix it in place. Be cautious and do not put much force on the pin; otherwise, it would bend or break.
  • Now reassemble the units in their previous position and give a power supply to the radio to test whether your antenna is working or not.

Checking the control board

The next step is to check the control board, and this is where most of the problems arise and can be solved likewise. If you are using a second-hand radio, then there is a chance that it has been repaired very badly for the initial connections of the radio have been worn off and now needs fixing.

These problems most commonly arise because you have a radio in possession for years and you don't use it enough. So when you turn it on it after a long time, there are many things that need to be repaired and checked.

Checking the control board

The Control board of our radio is very small, and all the components need to be fitted in any very small space, so wires have been glued instead of being screwed all the time. So, first of all, we need to remove the front panel of the radio and then see the wiring and connection in it. The split button, which is the main power source, also needs to be replaced.

Checking the control board

For this purpose, turn on your radio and pull out the split liner with some sharp objects like tweezers. Now run a new thin and quality wiring across the control panel of the radio.

Other common problems and their solutions

  • Sometimes happens that your radio is working fine, but there are large chunks of voice and signals missing. It can be due to the use of low-quality solder in your control panel. To solve this issue, you can open up your control panel and use good-quality prints instead of the solder. Your problem would be resolved in no time.
  • Sometimes that it seems that the antenna of the radio is disconnected in which session mode in reception mode, it is another problem because of the use of cheap solder in the main unit. So you need to change the solder to a new one with your phono jack in the main unit.
  • It is another common problem faced by most of the Icom 735 users that the output with some bands or channels is low, whereas some bands are being received with perfect frequency. It can be due to the damage in low pass filter components. For this purpose, you need to examine your filter and change all the damaged components that have been burnt or overheated.
  • If you use a microphone with the radio, the voice is blurred, but the voice of radio channels sounds perfect. It is a common problem with the radio, so for this purpose, you need to check your mic circuit. This time the problem can be with your mic instead of the radio.
  • When you turn the VFO knob of the radio, the result is dramatic, with The frequencies of channels being skipped or when the digits of frequency move back and forth instead of changing properly. This problem occurs when the rotatory encoder installed in your radio is of bad quality. Replacing the rotatory encoder is recommended in this case. When it is replaced, the frequency gained is perfect.
  • Sometimes when you turn off your radio, the radio automatically shuts off the power supply even when you have not disconnected the main power supply of the radio. It can be a problem with your transistors. It suggests that you are transistors need replacement, and the drivers are also bad, so you need to replace them at once to get your radio plugged in and out successfully.
  • When you shift the radio between USB and LSB, the bass of USB is higher, whereas the audio trebles in LSB, which can be a problem with your shift oscillator. Try replacing the shift oscillator with a new one.
  • The most common problem that IC 735 users face is with their dial encoders. When it gets warm, the dial does not tune to the required frequency, then it gets the lock and does not cause any further action. It is the most frustrating situation with the radio being stuck at a particular channel or switching the frequencies between two or more channels repeatedly. Its fixing is really easy. This condition depicts that there is some problem with your output. The problem can either be electrical or mechanical in nature. It means that the two outputs of your encoder are not working properly, and sometimes accumulated dust is a reason behind it, so you need to scrub your encoder wheel gently.
Icom 735 common problems


An Icom 735 is an un-doubtfully high-frequency gain radio and works best with frequencies, but if you don't use it regularly, it could develop many problems that need fixing. Most probably, the problems occur when you do not give proper attention to the radio, but these problems are very small in nature and can be fixed very easily.

Instead of going straight to the control panel and starting to repair wires by yourself, you better give your radio a thorough cleaning and then detect the actual problem with the help of the symptoms mentioned above.


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