How To Test Antenna Signal Strength?

If you are tired of watching limited channels with cables and paying bills for them. It is the best option that you get an antenna right away to access regional as well as international TV channels and getting perfect signal quality. Nowadays, HD TV antennas are one of the most advanced technologies that are getting popular day by day.

These modern antennas give the best HD quality result and bright colors to your TV screen, adding to your entertainment. But a TV antenna can turn into havoc if you are facing blurry picture quality and distorted signals. It is an extremely frustrating condition, and you feel like throwing your TV outside.

So, there can be many reasons why you are getting a blurry picture. Weak signal strength is one of the major reasons for it. For this purpose, you need to check the signal strength of your antenna. There are two major units to measure the signal strength of an antenna. These are noise margin and power ratio.

The noise margin figures out how much the signals are clear and clean. It means that it measures the residual static of signals. Power ratio measures the signal strength that how many signals are being caught by the antenna. There are various devices and ways by which you can measure the signal strength of your antenna.

Manual Calculation Of Signal Strength Using A Signal Meter

A signal meter is a device used to measure the signal strength of any antenna. Following are some steps to help you measure the signal strength of any antenna.

Manual Calculation Of Signal Strength Using A Signal Meter
  • Firstly, you need to detach the coaxial cable or antenna from your television box.
  • Now attach this antenna cable in the socket of the antenna signal meter depicting the socket for the antenna.
  • There is another spot in the antenna signal checker device entitled TV. Insert your TV cable into that socket.
  • Now the settings for the antenna signal meter are made, simply turn on your signal meter and then tune in the minimum broadcast channel of your location.
  • Now manually rotate your antenna in all directions of about 360 degrees while noting the signal strength in the antenna signal strength checker.
  • Stop at the point where the signal strength is maximum. Get the exact direction of the signal strength with the aid of a compass.
  • Use the same method for checking each and every channel of your TV and then record your results carefully for each channel.
  • Using a compass, you can calculate an average direction to place your antenna so that you can watch all the channels with good signal strength.

How To Check HD TV Antenna Signal Strength?

HDTV antennas are one of the more advanced technologies of TV antennas available in the market. They produce the best quality HD results. Following are the steps to test the signal strength of an HD TV antenna with the help of a signal meter.

How To Check HD TV Antenna Signal Strength
  • Disconnect the antenna coaxial cable from your TV box or TV device.
  • Now install the signal meter between the antenna and television set to measure the signal strength.
  • As the TV signals are passed through the signal meter, it measures the strength of signals depicting their frequency and reception ratio.
  • Now attach the cable coming from your antenna to the antenna labeled point of your signal meter.
  • The next step is attaching your TV cable with the signal meter. Now the equipment for measuring the signal strength is ready.
  • Now start rotating your antenna and fix it at a point where the signal strength is maximum. Do this for every channel, and then find the main point with the help of a compass where you can permanently adjust the direction of your TV antenna.
  • The signal meter will help to detect the signal strength with every channel so that you can set your TV antenna at the right place to receive the maximum signal strength.

Multi-Meter Signal Strength Checking

Another method to check the signal strength is by using a multi-meter. An antenna receives a radio signal and then generates an electric impulse that is transferred to the conductive wires to the television. We use a multi-meter checking device to test the signals that are traveling through the antenna.

If the antenna is not working properly, then there would be resistance in the transmission and reception of the electrical potential. So, a multi-meter would measure that resistance, and we can change the settings of the antenna through that multi-meter. The benefit of using the multi-meter to check the signal strength is that we can not only check but also adjust the signal strength with the aid of a multi-meter.

The antenna should be disconnected from your device, for example, TV. A multi-meter usually has two needles to connect with the antenna and cable. Connect one end of the needle with the metallic part of the antenna and the other needle with the metallic part of the cable. If the resistance produced is zero ohms, then your antenna is in a good working position, but if the resistance value is more than zero, it means that the antenna is not working properly.

Checking The Signal Strength From TV

In advanced televisions, there is a system that you can check the signal strength directly from the settings of your TV. Signal distortion can occur because the digital signals are likely to get interfered with by weather and obstacles like trees and buildings in their way.

In case if some channels are missing on your TV, then you can make the auto-tuning of TV to access various channels. You can also perform the initial setup to ensure that you can receive the signals from your local TV Network. Sometimes the transmission is banned for some reason, so make sure that it is not so in your case.

There are some general instructions for your TV signal strength checking.

First of all, select channels which you think have a weak signal or are missing, then open up the menu.

  • Go to settings from the menu and then select the option of support using your TV remote.
  • From the option of support, you would see the sub-options that it could allow. At the second or third tab, you can see the option of self-diagnosis or self-interpretation.
  • Select the signal information from it. It would take some time to calculate the signal and then display the signal strength on your screen.
  • So, if the signal strength is weak, you need to check and fix your antenna.

Reasons For Weak Antenna Signals

There are certain reasons why the antenna signals are weak. It may be the cause of your antenna cables, so you need to replace them to get your antenna working in no time. The positioning of the antenna face determines the signal strength.

What if the signal transmitter is towards the east, but your antenna's face is towards the west? It would definitely result in a weak signal. So, you need to reposition your antenna according to the transmitter's direction.


So, checking your antenna signal strength is a very easy process, and you can do this by yourself using a signal strength meter or a multi-meter or directly through your TV settings if it allows.


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