How To Make An FM Antenna From A Speaker Wire?

Antennas are metallic devices made to catch electromagnetic waves and convert them into radio signals. Exclusively, their purpose is to connect with the radio station or satellite radio to catch the relevant frequency so that you can hear the radio broadcasts on your car or a speaker.

Getting the signal right from the radio station is a challenge, while the distance of your car is more from the radio station. The accessibility of radio signals depends highly upon the kind of antenna you are using. To catch the signals from radio stations, the FM antenna is best.

The structure of a simple FM antenna is an extended metallic wire usually fixed in a metallic or a plastic casing which is attached to the roof of a car or the upper top right corner of a speaker.

Making An Antenna Using A Speaker Wire

For long-range distances, the speaker wire is not a much better option, but in the case of a car antenna, you can use a speaker wire to make a perfect antenna by yourself at home.

It is always better to take a longer wire for this purpose ranging from about 6 to 10 feet. Now you need some wire cutters and an FM signal catcher with FM clamps and holder connection. Now we should divide the wire into 3 feet sections.

As we have taken a 10 feet wire, we would cut it into three pieces of 3 feet each. In this way, we would be left with 7 feet wire that is uncut. The next step is the arrangement of wires. Now bend the wire to form an L shape and make two L shapes with two parts of the wire. Now join the two parts together so that it forms a T shape.

At the bottom of the two wires, make them connected to form a T shape cut the bottom using the wire cutter. Two bare corners of wire would appear. Now, these are two separate connections for your FM antenna.

Now you have to make proper antenna receiver connections, there are two connections, and the FM connection is nearby, the mentioned by the text as 'balanced' close to the exact connection points. There is a clamp or a holder like a pit connection made near the FM point connection.

The last and final step is to establish the connection between the two jointed T-shaped wires and the FM receiver. Near the clamp holder or pit point, insert the two to bear ends of the wire.

Now your connection is made through the FM antenna using a speaker wire. If there is a single connection point for FM, then you can make a loop of the wires by twisting them on one another and then fixing them in a single point.

The Intensity Or Signal Strength

The intensity or strength of radio wave signals depends upon the height at which your FM antenna is placed. The other determining factor is height. The more is the height of the antenna, the good it would be in catching the electromagnetic waves to convert them into radio signals.

 If you want to get proper radio signals, then it is advised to mount your antenna on a roof or a high wall of your house. In the case of a vehicle, for example, a car or bus, you can use a long metallic wire to make the antenna so that it would be able to catch minimum electromagnetic waves.

Method 2:

You can try another method to make an FM antenna with the speaker wire.

For this purpose, you need a wire of about 6 to 7 feet in length. It is always advisable to take more than the necessary wire so that you do not run out of wire during the process.

The next step is stripping the wires of the antenna and the speaker wires. From the wire that you are using, for example, a speaker wire, in this case, you need to strip off the coating of wires from about one and a half-inch so that the bare wire is exposed.

Now you need to twist the wire over the antenna or fix it in the hole made for the antenna. The next step is to divide the speaker wire from the opposite side to get two inner pieces of wire separated. You have to do this process very cautiously not to destroy the arrangement of wires.

Now you have exposed your wire; the next step is to establish a connection. For this purpose, you need to stick the wire high in the wall with the help of cello tape. Now one corner of the wire is secured with the cello tape with the wall.

Now gently pull the two pieces of exposed wires apart until you reach the point where it is sealed with the cello tape. This makes the perfect wire for your FM antenna. This stripping off of the wires in opposite directions makes a perfect dipolar antenna. It is best to catch FM radio signals easily.

Method 3:

A speaker wire can also be used to create a folded antenna which is more suitable as it can be hung beneath the curtains or behind the furniture. It catches more frequency than all the other antennas.

First, you need to take a speaker wire of about 12 feet and then cut it to a specific length like about 11 feet which are more than the required length of wire. Now the next step is stripping the upper coating of the wire to expose the bare inner wire. During this process, the entire length of the wire should be kept in consideration.

The third step is to trim the center of the bottom wire. The two exposed wires should be held back so that a second wire can be attached to them. The length of your second wire depends upon how much you want it to be closer to your objects that would catch the FM signals. The second wire serves as a feeder.

Now your antenna is made and ready to be used. This easy antenna is used to capture high FM radio signals. This antenna is very cheap and convenient to make. Standard household tools can be used for this purpose. In case if you don't have a wire cutter, you can use a knife for this purpose.

What Is The Need For An FM Antenna?

Following are some important reasons why you would install an FM antenna.

Need For An FM Antenna
  • FM antenna is highly sensitive when it comes to signals. It detects electromagnetic, electrical, and radio waves almost instantly. So, in case of a weak signal area, it would be able to get the perfect radio signals for you.
  • If you are at a distance from the radio station, then the only solution for or catching the radio waves is to get an FM antenna right now. With the aid of an FM antenna, the distance from the radio station is no longer an issue.
  • FM antenna is very easy and convenient to make. Plus, it can be installed inside a portable device which makes it easier to use.
  • FM antenna is better because it fits nicely into portable devices so that there are no space issues in the modern world. Nowadays, with an improvement in technology, devices are getting smaller every day, so there is no space for a massive dish antenna to get signals. A simple dipolar FM antenna is much better for this purpose.
  • The tuning is essential to access a radio channel. An FM antenna helps to get a fine tune and access these channels easily. It directs your radio automatically towards the channels, even with the lowest radio frequency range.


So, there are three methods for making the FM antenna using a speaker wire. The purpose of the antenna is the same no matter which method you adopt. But using an FM antenna definitely increases your radio signal strength.

So, it is better to have an FM antenna installed rather than hearing a distorted voice of radio channels.


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