How To Make A TV Antenna Using A Coaxial Cable?

Nowadays, there are many platforms to access the programs and broadcast of your need. So, most of the people find it difficult to you watch TV with so many ads in the way and obviously by the payment method. If you get a cable connection, you can access national as well as international TV channels. Most of them have a blurry print, and many of them are those you don't need to watch, and you don't even know that they exist.

So, no one likes to pay for the channels that he doesn't want. So, it is better to get access to these networks for free. Having a TV antenna installed is the best option for this purpose. You can make a TV antenna with simple things at your home, including a coaxial cable.

But there is a little complication attached with installing an antenna at your place. First of all, you need to check the access range of the TV channels in your area. For this, we need to enter the zip code in the station finding panel. If you have green and yellow signals, then it is suitable for you to install a TV antenna. If you get Red or blue signals, then a TV antenna would not work for you.

Construction steps

There are three basic things required for building a coaxial TV antenna. A TV, an antenna, and a coaxial cable. Other than these things, you need a wire cutter, some nuts and a piece of newspaper or cloth. There are certain specifications with everything; for example, the TV you have must have a TV box to connect to the coaxial cable.

A Coaxial Cable
  • A coaxial cable must have an end attached to the TV box, and the other connection should be left open for the fixing in the antenna. Then you must have an antenna. For this purpose, you can use any type that is not grounded over shielded. You can use a power extension cable, a lamp wire cable, or a wire coat hanger cable. If you don't have any of these wires, any simple wire ranging a few feet will do.
  • First of all, install one end of your Coaxial cable in the TV box, leaving the other end of the coaxial cable detached.
  • Now you need to make a few changes in the settings of your TV to make it prepared for the installation of a tv antenna. Keep in mind that you are installing a TV antenna, not a cable or wire. So go into your TV settings and then select the connectivity settings, and from the option of cable or antenna, select option of antenna.
  • Then you need to make your TV manually scan the TV channels are you can access for this purpose to make the TV on the channel scanning mode.
  • In the fourth step, you need to attach the conductor portion of the coaxial cable with some metal acting as an antenna.
  • Whatever type of wire you are using for your antenna, touch its metal part with the central part of the coaxial cable while keeping the TV in scanning mode.

Throughout this process, make sure that the other end of the coaxial cable is detached from any surface, especially from a metallic surface; otherwise, you would blasting your TV or, worse, getting a current shock yourself.

This acts as a tester for your TV the how many TV channels you can access at a time. If you are satisfied with the number of channels and the quality, then you can use the coaxial cable to attach it with the metallic antenna body.

How To Make A TV Antenna Using A Coaxial Cable

Now you are ready to get the actual antenna installed with your TV using a coaxial cable.

Using the same equipment, you can attach one and of the coaxial cable with your metallic antenna and the other end of the coaxial cable with the TV box and then tune the channels manually to watch whatever your antenna allows you to access.

Method 2:

For this technique, you would need a wooden plank, some wires, a coaxial wire, some reflectors, an antenna, and a transformer.

  • First of all, we would start with the wooden plank. You need a wooden plank of about 23 inches. Lay the plank in the horizontal direction and then start making marks on it from left to right.
  • Mark a 2 inch, 7 inches, and 12-inch line at even spaces along the direction of the wooden plank. By making these lines, you would get evenly spaced markings, make two dots are two similar points.
  • The next step is cutting your wires. Using copper wires is a better option rather than any other wire. We need to cut the copper wire into eight sections, with each section having a length of about 14 to 15 inches.
  • Measuring the copper wire of about 7 inches length, make a triangle, and then tie it up so that you leave a 3-inch space between the two wires.

As we have made preparations for the wires to be installed in the wooden plank, the next step is to attach the wires to the wooden plank. This is a very crucial step, and you need to be very careful.

  • Now the dots that we have made on the wooden plank, we need to fix the weak point of every copper wire to that. Every wire should be extended outward and then attach the wires with the help of screws.
  • Now cross the wires over one another so that they make a 2 x shape. Connect the first and second wire and similarly connect the third and fourth wire.
    •The third step is adding the reflectors to the plank. The reflectors are attached at the backside of the wooden plank. They should be at a distance of about 15 inches from each other. When you are satisfied with the setting, then secure them in place with the help of screws.
  • The fourth step is attaching the transformer. For this purpose, you can attach it with the central portions of the wires with the help of tools. When you purchase a transformer from the market, there is a complete installation guide about how to use the transformer with several devices.
  • Now your antenna is successfully created. You need to attach it with the HD TV box.
  • It is the final step and the point where you need the coaxial cable. You need to attach one and of the coaxial cable with the TV box and the other open end of the coaxial cable with the antenna.
  • While attaching the coaxial cable, make sure that the central conducting part of the coaxial cable is attached to the metallic surface of the TV box attachment point.

So, this is how your coaxial cable TV antenna is created.

Method 3:

The third method is the easiest and simplest of all. You just need a simple coaxial cable for this purpose.

  • For this purpose, you need a coaxial cable that is long enough to run down the length of your antenna to your TV box.
  • Now you need to strip the insulation from one end of the coaxial cable to expose the central conductor portion of it.
  • Now using a paper cutter or a wire stripper, you can easily strip the 5 to 6-inch portion from one end of the coaxial cable.
  • If you want to access only three to five channels, you can and the exposed portion of the antenna cable through any exposed surface or window of your house and then connect the other insulated portion of the coaxial cable with your TV box.

Using a paperclip

Paper clip technique is the best technique for this purpose, and you can make the cheapest and easiest coaxial cable antenna with it.

Using a paperclip
  • So, first of all, take a paper clip and then straighten it out by using a hammer.
  • Then make it a neat l shape.
  • Put the short end of the paper clip into the serial cable space in your TV box.
  • Now one end of the paper clip is attached to the TV box, and the other end is free.
  • Now fix the coaxial cable with the free part of the pin. If you want to make a longer cable, then you can extend the length of coaxial cables as long as you want.

This coaxial cable hairpin antenna is a sort of a temporary antenna and would be able to tune in a few channels for you. The quality, however, cannot be guaranteed with it. It can work until you have got a proper new antenna.

Homemade coaxial cable TV antenna

If you want something bigger than a hairpin antenna, it is another temporary coaxial cable TV antenna. For this purpose, you need some screws and nails, a hammer, some wires, an old coffee can, and a coaxial cable.

Homemade coaxial cable TV antenna
  • Take a worn-off piece of cloth or newspaper and put the coffee can on it.
  • Now we are going to make a hole in the bottom of the coffee tin with the aid of a hammer and nail. Once you have made a hole in it, with the aid of a hammer, leave the nail in the hole.
  • Now cut one end of the coaxial cable with the help of a wire cutter and then strip the insulation from one corner of the coaxial cable of about 7 to 8 inches.
  • Now connect the stripped insulation end of the coaxial cable with the nail of the coffee tin.
  • Now you need the positioning of the coffee tin and the coaxial cable. Now Place to coffee can outside your house are the topmost place you can find.
  • With one end of the coaxial cable attached with you are coffee can attach the other free end of coaxial cable in your TV box.
  • Now tune the channels from your TV manually and find out what channels your coffee can antenna allows.


In this digital world, when nobody has the time to watch the TV and everybody access their relevant shows and TV broadcast with the aid of the internet, having your homemade TV antenna installed is a very exciting thing. Even if you don't watch TV much, you can try making the TV antenna yourself at home easily.

Making a TV antenna is a really easy process, and you can try any of the methods mentioned above for your help. All of these methods are suitable for external TV antenna settings. If you can make a cheap antenna yourself perfectly, then what is the need of paying for the free TV channels.


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