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How To Boost The Wi-Fi Signal On The Router Without An Antenna?

If you have upgraded your browser and still your browsing speed is slow, then the situation becomes frustrating. The inability to search and stream and fewer Wi-Fi signals are some of the common problems that are quite maddening. With the fast-paced modern world, we need to be updated in terms of networking and technology, so there is no place for slow internet.

So, if your Wi-Fi signals are weak and your router is not working properly, then there can be certain reasons for it, but you need to fix it almost immediately. There are a few hacks to help you get through the network troubleshooting. So before rushing to get a new Wi-Fi modem, you first need to check a few things.

Checking the wired connection of the router

In maximum cases the internet connection is faulty there can be losing any your wires that are connected to your modem. Even if you have an adaptable wireless router, you can try establishing a wired connection of a Wi-Fi device with your computer or laptop to get better signal accessibility.

You can use an Ethernet cable installed in the USB port of your computer or laptop to increase the signal strength. To check that the wired connection is working well with your laptop, you need to perform an internet speed test. Take your internet bill and then match the speed test with speed mentioned on the bill.

Checking the wired connection of the router

Another thing that you can try is to get as closer to the Wi-Fi router as possible. In some cases, changing the place of the router improves the signal strength. You need to understand the working of the router that its job is to give you access to data and information available on the internet, and a faulty router or router connections can be a hindrance in your way to information.

Intruders Check

If you are sure that there is no problem with your wiring and connectivity with the Wi-Fi router, then the next most important thing to check is intruders. The presence of more users automatically decreases the internet speed of a single router. So make a check that there are not some unwanted users accessing your network. Hacking passwords and accessing someone's internet in a Wi-Fi router is common nowadays, so checking intruders solves your problem in most cases.

There is a certain online software to help you detect intruders. Once you see the unwanted devices connected to your router, you can disconnect them by changing the password. Updating your Wi-Fi router password is the key to keep away the intruders.

Replacing the accessed channel

To understand how a router operates use you need to understand the concept that the internet signals are spread in the space around us. As you are using a specific company or a channel to access the internet, there are certain other channel signals also spread in the space. So with all those signals around the router, sometimes the router catches a signal from a foreign channel.

Replacing the accessed channel

So, the signal strength becomes weak. Also, the presence of other signals and channels distorts the signal catching capacity of a router resulting in low and weak signals. The signal catching capacity depends upon the model of the router, so sometimes, purchasing a new model of router solves this issue. To avoid this issue occurring in the first place, always choose a network that has been less interference and is less used but with advanced internet accessibility.

Priority changing

The problem of slow internet can also be solved by prioritizing the apps that you want to use. Obviously, there are a specific bunch of apps that everyone has in daily use. So, if you change the settings of wireless setup by prioritizing the app that you want to use, the signal strength should automatically be improved.

For example, if you are accessing the internet for gaming, for video calling, or accessing files and documents available on the internet, you can select the settings manually to your Wi-Fi settings to improve the signal quality.

Adjusting router placement

Adjusting the position of the router in your apartment or home can increase your signal strength dramatically, even without an antenna. It is because the router has a specific area for coverage. Changing the position of the Wi-Fi router redefines its coverage area. In the case of wireless adaptors, they should be placed closer to the Open spaces away from walls and heightened cupboards or cabinets.

Placing the wired or wireless router close to the windows increases its signal catching capacity, which ultimately boosts your Wi-Fi router. Reducing even a single boundary in the Wi-Fi router can increase the signal strength up to multiple folds.

Adjusting router placement

Readjusting the Wi-Fi router and checking the signals with your smartphone or laptop can actually help you detect the exact position perfect for getting the signals properly, just like we adjust a TV antenna.

Making a frequency check

There is a specific frequency for the type of modem and connection you are using. You can make a frequency check to ensure that you are getting your desired frequency and internet speed by the network administrator. For example, the common frequency range for a dual-band router is 2.4 gigahertz. But you can make a change in your frequency by adjusting it for about 4 to 5 gigahertz.

This would automatically increase your signal strength, and you would face less interference from other networks. It is because you are making your frequency level above the generally used frequency ranges. All you need to do is make some changes in your routers administration and get your desired frequency.

Making a router update

All the software and technology devices need to be upgraded and updated with time to increase their performance. The case with the router is similar. Instead of getting a new router, you can try manual upgrading the already present router to boost your Wi-Fi signal.

The up-gradation process depends upon your manufacturer company and the model of the router that you are using. In most modern routers, the auto-update system is available if you go into the network administration. So updating your router is just a click away if your router settings allow it.

Making a router update

If you are using an older version of the router and it does not have the setting of up-gradation, then you can download an upgrading software from the internet and can follow the simple steps given by the software for updates.

Updating not only enhances the signal strength but also renews your router device internally and improves its quality and features.

Using a Wi-Fi signal enhancer

You can try using a Wi-Fi signal enhancer that is specially designed for the purpose of improving your Wi-Fi signal strength. There are various kinds of enhancers available in the market that can help you. You can use a wireless enhancer that spread the signal strength and quality throughout the house.

Using a Wi-Fi signal enhancer

There are also signal enhancers that increase the range of Wi-Fi signals. It is similar to the process of echo in that it repeats the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house so that every person in the house can access the internet with his device.


Even if you don't have a Wi-Fi signal booster antenna, you can enhance your signal strength simply by trying any of these methods that suit you.


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