How High Should A TV Antenna Be Mounted, And Why?

It is the most commonly asked question about TV antennas that how high they should be mounted. The simple answer to this question is that it should be counted as high as possible to get the required result and frequency of channels. A standard height for mounting a TV antenna is about 30 to 40 feet from the ground.

Another point to be kept in consideration before installing a TV antenna is the repair. You must keep in mind that the antenna is accessible to you just in case if you need to change, remove or replace it. For the proper working of the TV antenna, its direction is very important so that it catches the signal from the right direction.

What Is The Need For Mounting A TV Antenna?

Before getting a TV antenna, make sure that you need one. There are specific reasons why you require a TV antenna in the first place. If you live in an area with low buildings are some countryside, and you do not have some of your required channels on your TV, it is better to contact your cable supplier rather than getting a TV antenna.

If you live in a place covered with high buildings all around and you have to watch blurry and distorted TV every day. It is better to get a TV antenna right now and mount it as high as possible for the better attaining of signals.

The height of the TV antenna is important and should be kept from the height of the nearby buildings that the signals are not distorted by the presence of objects in their ways like trees, buildings, and mountains in some cases.

Reasons To Get A High Mounted TV Antenna

1. Distance From The Transmitter Source

The distance from the transmitter source is the main reason why you would need a high-mounted TV antenna. If you need to access TV channels from other countries, you need a high-mounted TV antenna.

But nowadays, as we are living in well-populated cities show the distance from the transmitter source is very much while we have to access the TV channels from other cities. So instead of getting boring and blurry print of the TV channel, it is better to get a high mounted TV antenna which would give you the best quality channels at your demand.

2. Obstacles

As the distance increases from the transmitter source, the number of optical obviously increases with that. Obstacles mean anything that comes into the way of your signals. So, a TV antenna gets better signals, but if it is mounted high, it gives the best signals.

Obstructions can be both artificial and natural. Artificial obstructions include houses, buildings, vehicles, and electricity towers, whereas natural obstacles include hills, trees, and in some cases, valleys. So, as we move away from the source of signals, these obstacles increases which resultantly decreases the signals, so we need a high-mounted antenna that is above all those obstacles and catches the signals in the air.

3. Antenna cables

The length of antenna cables is also a determining factor for your signal strength. The lesser the length of antenna cables, the better it would produce a result and vice versa. But the quality of antenna cables varies with every company, so we cannot precisely determine what length is suitable for best frequency catching.

Antenna cables

If you use a single cable for the connection, the signal strength would be better. On the other hand, if you use to make connections of two or more cables, the signal strength would automatically be distorted.

4. Signal Strength

The expected signal strength depicts your height of the antenna. There are three colors associated with representing different signal strengths. These are red, yellow, blue, and green, respectively. We need a high mounted TV antenna to catch green signals. Green signal depicts that the distance from the transmitter source and antenna is more.

The yellow signals can be quite easily even if your TV antenna is under the shade or you have an indoor TV antenna. The red signals depict that the TV antenna would work if it has less height as compared to a high-mounted TV antenna. The purple or blue signals represent a very high signal. You need a high mounted TV antenna, mostly a rooftop TV antenna, to catch them as they mostly broadcast international channels.

5. Line of reception

The height of the mounted antenna depends highly upon the strength of the signal and its availability. The height meter would give you instructions about the height at which you can attain maximum signal strength.

Line of reception

The meter shows that when you increase the distance of the antenna from the ground, the signal strength increases automatically. So, it is better to be closed to the line of the reception so that the distance between the transmission tower and the antenna receptor is beyond all the obstacles.

6. Antenna quality

The quality of the antenna is itself a huge determining factor which shows that at what height it should be installed. There are various TV antennas available made by different companies. You should use the one that suits your purpose and connect well with your TV device.

Whenever you go to purchase an antenna, remember that you are buying it for long-term usage. So you should make sure that it has a warranty on it. Spending money on buying a good quality TV antenna is better than spending a lot of money and having stress in getting it fixed every now and then. The type and connections of the TV antenna are equally crucial that the type of antenna you want can be connected with your TV.

7. Direction of antenna

The direction of the antenna is equally important as the height of the TV antenna. If you mount a TV antenna very high but in the wrong direction, it would not catch the signals properly as expected, so your problem would not be solved.

Instead of blaming the technician for the TV antenna company, it is better to check if the antenna direction is correct. Correct direction means that the face of the antenna all the receptor point of the antenna should be towards the transmitter so that it catches the signal with ease.

8. Depiction of transmitter source

The depiction of the transmitter source enables you to get the exact idea of the height and type of TV antenna that you should use. If the transmitter source is located in your city, finding out its exact location is very easy, and you can direct your TV antenna accordingly.

Google maps and Google Earth can help you in this way. It helps to determine the exact location of the transmitter source. If you have determined the direction of the transmitter source, you can access different kinds of TV stations and channels.

Why Is The Height Of The Antenna Important?

The height at which the TV antenna is mounted is very important because a difference of a few feet makes everything possible. If you are not sure what height suits your TV antenna better, you need to test the antenna using a strength meter.

Why Is The Height Of The Antenna Important

A TV antenna is kept at different points. The signal strength is measured using the signal meter the point at which the signal meter depicts the maximum signals is the perfect point for the installation of a TV antenna. From this pivot point, you can raise the TV antenna as high as you want. The more height, the better will be signal strength.

The Benefits Of Having A High Mounted TV Antenna

The benefits of having high mounted TV antenna are as follows:

  • With antennas, the color and quality of your display are enhanced dramatically. In the past, there were only simple and tennis which created a black and white image on the screen, but now with the advancement in technology, we have colored, and then that generate brightly colored images on our TV screens.
  • The high mounted TV antenna is perfect for catching high-frequency signals, which means that you can enjoy more than limited channels. If you could access all those channels with your high-mounted antenna TV, then obviously there is no need for a satellite TV.
  • Another benefit that high mounted TV antenna provides is access to the local as well as international channels with ease.
  • High mountain TV antennas are best for stealing your favorite TV channels and shows. It gives you high access making your leisure time wonderful.
  • As for signal strength is concerned, you need not worry about the signal quality and strength if you have a higher mounted TV antenna in a proper and secure place.


So, if you want to watch a perfectly colored high-resolution TV with a maximum number of TV channels and stations, you should go for the installation of a TV antenna right now. Depending upon your signal strength, you can Mount your TV antenna easily by accessing the signal quality using the signal meter.


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