How to Make a Cell Phone Antenna Booster?

In urban areas, where the signal transmission source is near, the issues of signal distortion and signal drop are less. So, cell phone users do not face difficulties in signal reception and can talk freely and access the internet easily on their phones.

But for people who live in rural areas away from the signal reception towers face difficulty in accessing the phone sources. It is quite a frustrating situation and needs to be solved quickly. For proper signal reception, you can try making an antenna.

There are a few easy steps by which you can create a perfect antenna with some simple things and can boost your cell phone signals. There are two basic components of this antenna one is outdoor, and the other is indoor. Both of them work the best for proper reception of signals of both 3G, 4G, and even 2G for some cases.

The antenna construction process

A cell phone coverage is essential in your area for the proper working of this antenna as it only captures the signals, not creates them. So all you need is a screwdriver, a coaxial cable, a wire cutter, and an iron cable, maybe an iron coat hanger.

Usually, there is a coating over the hanger; you can remove it if you want or use the coat hanger directly. Take one end of the coat hanger and bent it at an angle of 45 degrees. From the bend of 45 degrees, make another bend of 90 degrees at a distance of 8cm. Then create another bend of 90 degrees at a distance of about 9 cm.

antenna construction process

Repeat the same process over the other side. At the other corner of the coat hanger, make the bend of about 45 degrees. At the interior side of the connector box, all the wires are attached. You would cut the wire into two equal haves, one of which would go out for outdoor antenna connection.

A wire cutter is required for this purpose. We would also need a base for this antenna. You can make a metallic stand as a base or use the common clothes stand as the base of the antenna. Now we would work with the coaxial cable or a TV cable.

We will remain uninsulated the coaxial cable at about 15 to 25 cm in length. This is done to establish connection points with the bare wires. We will make twists and turns over this uninsulated portion of the wire. These turns determine the diameter of the wire.

Now we need to attach the connections of the metallic sheet. Attach this twisted metallic sheet with the connector box and form a U-shaped loop. At one end of the coaxial cable, we would cut off the insulator to make it a core for the antenna.

Make a Cell Phone Antenna Booster

With the help of a screwdriver, we would now make the turns from the center core of the metallic wire. As the antenna is now ready, we would mount this antenna over the 3G antenna. While the mounting process, you need to keep in check the signals.

Keep in mind that instead of having a high but fluctuating signal, it is better to have a low signal which is strong. If 3G is enabled in your area, do not give up on low signals and try replacing the position of the antenna to get maximum reception.

Changing the turns of the uninsulated coaxial cable with both outdoor and indoor antenna units would enhance the signal strength after the area is determined with maximum signals. We now need to fix the two antenna units properly.

For fixing the outdoor antenna, you will choose the area vertical in position to the signal transmission tower. A compass would help you to align the proper direction. Attach the outdoor point to a flat surface and tape it somewhere beneath a roof to protect it from weather changes.

Make a Cell Phone Antenna Booster

For an indoor antenna, the place where you want your signal reception is suitable. Any roof or nearby window would do. You can also attach a Wifi router to catch the signals properly. According to common observations, a 2G antenna is better and has a good signal reception.

If the signal reception is still bad, you can remove the outer plastic casing of your cell phone. It would allow the cell phone to connect better with the antenna. You can also check the signal strength by making an audio or video call. If it is proper, it would satisfy that your antenna has been created successfully.

Modifications to boost your antenna signal strength

There are some further modifications you can make to enhance your antenna signal reception. An aluminum foil is a good signal catcher. It is a common fact that we all know. So why not use aluminum foil to improve the signals.

For this purpose, you need an aluminum sheet. Make a thin strand of it by folding the foil over one another. Now place the strand around your phone and fix the phone cover over it. It is done to help your cell phone receive the signals properly.

Modifications to boost your antenna signal strength

You can also attach an aluminum wire with your indoor antenna unit with the central loop and keep it hanging. It would help to boost the signal reception with your antenna. A 6 cm piece of wire is enough having 4 to 5 turns on it. With the turns facing downwards from the indoor antenna point, attach one end of the wire with the center of the antenna.

You can also tape the wire coming from the antenna into your Wifi router and then cover it with aluminum foil. It would improve the signal strength even if the router is far away from the antenna. The more aluminum you use, the more powerful your signals would be and vice versa.

Creating a signal tower for your antenna

If you have an antenna already installed but are still not satisfied with the signal strength, you can try making a reception tower that would automatically boost your signal strength. For this purpose, you need a bipolar antenna or a two directional adapter to be attached to your indoor and outdoor antenna units, respectively.

The outdoor antenna is directional and requires to be in proper orientation to achieve the best results. The indoor antenna needs to be fixed respectively to it at a place where you feel signal strength to be maximum. The next step after proper fixation of the antenna is to make the antenna tower.

Make a Cell Phone Antenna Booster

We need two galvanized pipes for this task. One pipe is longer in length by about 6 inches, and the other pipe is smaller, about 2 inches. The two pipes would create a single unit, one acting as a base. Fix the two pipes together, and now we need to mount the tower with the outdoor unit.

With the help of RF cables, we would connect the amplifier with the antenna tower. Now turning the antenna to the right signal frequency band is required. It is suggested that you should start from the lowest frequency and stop at the right frequency where you feel the signal strength to be maximum.


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