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Best HF Mobile Antenna Reviews 2021

A mobile antenna has become a necessity for people who are fond of traveling and wish for a mobile antenna for catching signals. In this regard, a vertical antenna can be adjusted anywhere and is portable. So are you in search of the best vertical antennas in the market? Don’t worry, as we aim to make […]

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Best Ham Radio Power Supply in 2021

Ham radio operating is more than just a hobby; they can be used for numerous practical applications, but whatever the usage be, you will need a power supply in any case. Using a ham radio power supply saves you from the troubles that might come with batteries. Plus, using a power supply for ham radio works […]

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Best Dual Band Mag Mount Ham Radio Antenna

When you have an amateur dual-band setup at your home, why not get top-of-the-line reception in your car or jeep? That is the promise of a dual-band antenna. Why not take your mag mount antenna for a test to confirm its superb reception and transmission. There are various magnetic mount ones, but we are here to […]

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Best Discone Antenna in 2021

When it comes to discone antennas market has loads to offer. Varying factors in shapes, sizes, and features, choosing the right one could be quite tricky. Some latest antennas come with scanners features that are ideal for military use. However, there are some of the best antennas available in the online market that can be used […]

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Best Cross Band Repeater Radio

Whether you have a typical ham radio or your antenna is not able to send signals further away, you need a mobile radio. If you have a UHF band, but your receiver has VHF, then you need a cross band system. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. BEST OVERALLTYT TH-9800 Cross Band Repeater […]

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Best Coax for HF Ham Radio

There are times when you need a powerful antenna to boost your signals across. You might not be getting an adequate amount. You may be having a signal loss problem. These are some of the symptoms of weak coax cable. Many coaxial cables lose their signal retention abilities over time. This is because the transmission line […]

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