Best HF Mobile Antenna Reviews 2021

A mobile antenna has become a necessity for people who are fond of traveling and wish for a mobile antenna for catching signals. In this regard, a vertical antenna can be adjusted anywhere and is portable.

So are you in search of the best vertical antennas in the market? Don't worry, as we aim to make you reach some of the best antennae around with exceptional characteristics. A good multi band mobile antenna is best suited for amateur radio.

You can check some of the factors that are prerequisites for buying an antenna. You can check the frequency range, bands, max watts it can handle, compatibility, VHF and UHF, and more.

Similarly, performance and efficiency matter as well. Some of the best amateur ham radio antennas are following.

Best HF Multi Band Mobile Antennas:

1. OPEK Multi Band Mobile Antennas HVT-400B

OPEK Multi Band Mobile Antennas HVT-400B

This is the bestselling antenna out there in the market. You will surely enjoy its features after buying it. I hope it will full fill all your hopes regarding the mobile antennas. OPEK produces high-Performance antennas.

This multi-band antenna will fulfill all your wishes. It has a unique system and components. You need not worry as this antenna provides you a good range of frequencies.

Multiple frequency ranges, including 80, 40, 15, 20, 10, 2, 6 meters, and 70 cm, make this antenna popular among the customers. Hold on to this antenna as it comes with a UHF Male connector.

The capabilities of this antenna are off the charts. It can handle almost 120 watts, and its length extends up to 78 inches. This makes this antenna better than most of the other of its generation.

A PL-259 is used as a connector for better connectivity and good results. This one can attract signals from all dimensions, and you can thank us later for getting you this antenna.


  • Excellent connector for higher connectivity
  • Exceptional Power Capacity
  • Large built-in length of wire
  • Smart and attractive design
  • Easily portable


  • No such cons are found on this product.

2. Original Comet 9 Band Telescopic Antenna HFJ-350M

Original Comet 9 Band Telescopic Antenna HFJ-350M

You can now remain stress-free as you have just arrived at the right place. This telescopic antenna is a game-changer. You would love to use this antenna. Its 9 HF Bands allow you to catch maximum signals.

With that being said it is a perfect choice for you if you want to use the radio in any area that is away from signals.

Make your mind to these mobile antennas as soon as possible as it will surely convince you to acknowledge its features. The small size and the adjustability would make your life easy, and you are going to probably fall in love with it.

This wonderful antenna comes with telescopic elements along with three coils. Also, you need not worry about how to fix it as it comes with its manual. This manual makes it easy to fix the antenna.

The manual also contains information like range and atmosphere where you would use it. This size of antenna matters. It must not be very long, but a good height of antenna allows a better range of signals.

So now you can enjoy radio with even better signals as this amazing antenna comes with a minimum length of 14.25 inches and a maximum of 75.6 inches.

So what are you waiting for? Just place your order and bring the antenna to your doorstep. This opportunity of buying the best hf mobile antennas won't be available in the future.

Manual makes the fixing of this antenna easy. This antenna comes with a connector which is UHF PL-259. This connector itself does not cost much and works amazing. You can trust this antenna as it comes with a guarantee of one year from the manufacturer.


  • 9 Band antenna.
  • Comes with telescopic elements with three coils.
  • Comes with a manual.
  • PL-259 connector is used.


  • There is no manual for setting up.

3. Wideband Broadband GRA-750B Mobile Antenna

Wideband Broadband GRA-750B Mobile Antenna

If you are looking for the best choices for antennas, this GRA-750B antenna has to be your best option. This compact designed antenna covers all the main bands from 3-70MHz.

This helps to catch maximum signals and provides you with the best results. Why waste time when you have already reached the best product, which is 100% made in Taiwan.

While providing the best quality, this antenna ensures fulfillment of the customer's demand. This antenna can be used on 7 to 54MHz, making it even more popular.

Many brands offer long and bendable antennas. It helps to get adjusted in different areas such as drive-thru, and parking structures, etc.

Now you no longer need to worry about the detachment of antennas when the car is parked in the garage.

Whether it is a car where you place it or in areas where you standby, the fact remains the same that this antenna has a high capability of catching signals, and you don't need to hand around up and down for signals.

As this antenna can be folded, it makes it easier for you to use it anywhere. This folding hinge makes the bending easy to enter to different places such as garages.

The exceptional built-in quality would make your mind steer clear of suspicions as it is a highly compact and smart antenna in town. This new style is enough for you to buy this.


  • Foldable antenna so moveable
  • Broadband services range from 7 to 54MHz
  • Portable antenna
  • High receiving and transmission characteristics.
  • Excellent connectivity and easy to set up.


  • The whip is not comfortable to use.

4. GigaParts S-FM20 Mobile Antenna

GigaParts S-FM20 Mobile Antenna

If you are still studying, then it means that you are interested in our guide. Then do you want to get an idea of something amazing? S-FM20 is better and has excellent features that dominate others.

It has a flashy design and covers almost all aspects of a complete and appealing design. The whip is made up of stainless steel for a good grip and has an almost 24-inch mast measure.

It is designed to handle 250W at most and is therefore covered with a black wrap that encircles around the whole antenna. This mini vertical antennas is the best in the market and is covering all features within it.

In addition to this, when it comes to the band, it is a mono-band with HF over 20 meters. So we hope your worry about the band would be relieved after getting an idea of its characteristics.

There is a chance that you might be in an area where the wind speed could be high, and your antenna could go fly with the wind. So a magnetic mount is there to save the day in this scenario. The magnetic mount has a highly attractive capability, so rest easy when your antenna is once mounted.

You can get a set of this antenna with the amount. The mount comes separate from the antenna. You can use a mount for attaching the steel-based antenna in the mount, and off you go.


  • Adjustable steel whip in mount
  • Capable of a 250W at most
  • The whip is made up of high-grade stainless steel
  • Miniature in size
  • 20 meters monoband range


  • The separate mount leads to more cost.

5. Harvest OutB2000 Mag Mobile Antennas

Harvest OutB2000 Mag Mobile Antennas

Combo has exceptional features. So were you doubting over this one? Please don't, as this one is going to surprise you with its attractive capabilities. Firstly, there is no comparison over its design.

Additionally, when we look at its band feature than it is as well up to 9 HF bands. This is followed by its range of catching signals which is also better among others of its generation.

If you don't like a stick-based antenna, then you are probably in the right place now as it has a magnetic mount below it. This allows you to place your mobile antennas over it, and it would be magnetically attached to the bottom plate.

This amateur hf antenna has a variety of frequency range at 3, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28, and 50 MHz. S whatever your frequency range is harvest, OutB2000 can handle the frequency of all ranges.

It has a stranded cable for increasing connectivity, and the size is compact enough to place it in a bag and move it anywhere. It has all-in-one features and is a suitable HF/6M 9 band antenna.

Harvest has always made efforts over quality features rather than quantity ones. So you have to decide that it is quality you desire or quantity. This one is a heck of a quality hf antenna.


  • Higher frequency range than others
  • Magnetic mount
  • Compact size and light in weight
  • Mag mount kit
  • Easily portable


  • The magnetic mount can lose attracting capabilities after time.

6. MFJ-1699T HF Multi Band Mobile Antennas

MFJ-1699T HF Multi Band Mobile Antennas

Next is the list of these amazing vertical antennas. The MFJ model performs best in both HF and VHF signals. The HF antenna, however, operates the highest frequency of 80 and lowest of 10 meters. At the same time, the VHF signals are around 6 meters to 2 meters.

The reason why it is the best HF antenna used for mobile is that it uses the low SWR making its performance pretty amazing. Along with 100 watts to 200 watts of power handling allows the desired efficiency in performance.

Another feature you can explore on this multi-band mobile antennas is that you can change and choose the bands swiftly by just tapping next on the wander lead. The maximum height is around 65".

The connector design is simple yet efficient that allows it to mount on any type of magnet, lip, or pipe style mount. Because of the size and length, you can set it in the front of your vehicle or at the back where ever you feel best for signals.

It is a portable antenna and works quite amazing with amateur radio. The car used for security safety purposes needs to send emergency and quick massage signal that are made possible using these mobile antennas perfec for your vehicle.


  • Portable and suitable for use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Efficient quality signal.
  • Made from Best quality material.


  • Not very suitable to use with amateur ham radios, according to some customers.

7. HF Foldable Whip Antenna

HF Foldable Whip Antenna

This antenna is called the military radio antenna. The lightweight material used for its making is of super quality for long-lasting results. The material used is stainless steel that prevents it from rusting.

The vertical antennas give a high-quality frequency of HF and VHF. That too of not less than 2 meters of radios. It is extra-long and is approximately 285 cm. folding width of around 4.5 cm and length of 43 cm. this makes it super easy and portable for use.

The wire is made of reliable and durable quality with seven elements tube with a string attached to it. This makes the folds easy and smooth. The signal range of this vertical antenna is 30 88 MHZ.

The connector on this antenna is a mounting thread of the size 3/8. The features may be a little similar to the other models or similar products, but its cute small compact size makes it more desirable for travel along with the device.

First of all, one should consider the fact that this product is suitable for every audience with economical prices and amazing quality. The design is made for easy access and usage for lasting results.


  • Save money, making it best for use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent design.
  • Portable and amazing for field operations.


  • The base is not that stable as other antennas.

8. HF Short Stick Antenna

HF Short Stick Antenna

Here is a top product in this list of vertical antennas. Let us talk about this short but reliable and durable antenna. Mobile antennas are made for portable use so that they can be carried along, and this is also the case here.

The design of this article was made, making sure that it is not of any heavy material. The multi bands are tune for desired frequency and share high-level UHF and VHF. In this case, the comparatively small size of others does not affect the working quality.

We can say that this product is quite a hustler with the size of around 4 feet tall. Still able to take its place in the top 10. This mobile antenna works really amazing. The 3 feet power base fiberglass provides a firm grip to hold.

For ground hold, you are going to need a cable and magnetic mount for holding. Does have a regular mounted base thread but for extra stability. This antenna is giving stable signals with ham radio up to 40 meters.

The fiberglass finish is given to make this last long and beat the harsh weather conditions when used outdoors. The small mobile antennas are a perfect disguise for security use. This helps in military projects in far areas.


  • Made with fiberglass.
  • Value of money.
  • Best quality UHF and VHF signals.


  • Too small size for some other clients.

9. Shark Hamstick Antennas

Shark Hamstick Antennas

Suppose you want that sort of antenna that cuts the noise despite being portable and perform the HF mobile operations with ease, then we would suggest that you should consider this portion. These are America-made and assembled power antennas.

The quality and reputation speak for themselves. The competitive field of its rivals who are working tirelessly to gain the position around this product ends in vain. The company is well known and is reputable among its competitors.

The company gives its word on the material and quality as it is made out of fiberglass and cannot be shattered or crack easily; if handled carelessly. But the company has the loyal, trusted customer-based performance to always deliver the best.

Because they are long in this industry, they know what the customer wants and is looking for. Not only this, they know how to deliver the best and satisfy the needs and demands of the customer.

Although it does cover only one band, it is not a multi-band supporter. It only supports monoband that is easily tuned. The base is made out of fiberglass, and the whip is out of stainless steel. This comes with a solid black coat.

For easy connectivity, this comes with a 3/8 x 24 thread base perfect for any type of mounting.


  • Made from fiberglass and stainless steel.
  • Single-band operations.
  • Max power of 250 watts.
  • Horizontally set two pairs of this antenna so that you can set in two of your likable bands.


  • According to some customers complain that it is not a good tuner.

10. Comet UHF/HF Bands Antenna

Comet UHF/HF Bands Antenna

Comet UHF and multipurpose bands antenna were developed to perform various and different styles of operations. The transmission speed is 50 to 446 MHZ. Also, for extra boost and options for bands, the HF coil is attached.

Using different combinations of comet duplex, you can achieve TX and RX both at the same time. Different combinations of the coil may help you achieve multiple bands. The max power is 200W.

This is also a vertical antenna. It is small and compact that is best used for military and spy operations. This antenna can be used at homes as it is a multi-band antenna; you can enjoy your favorite radio station's entertainment along with other tacky operations.

Besides the compact size, it is also foldable for traveling and ongoing military projects. The length is, however, min 48" to max 78". This may not seem small and compactable but comparing it with others in the market. It is small.

The market is full of competitors, and every day a new model comes into the market to replace the old ones. To stay sharp and in the game, one has to be precise in providing the customer's needs.

To stay in the market, you need to be a hustler and be the first one to provide the satisfactory performance of the demand to gain the desired result and a place in the market ground.


  • Compact and fits easily for travels.
  • Multiple VHF features.


  • It can break if dropped, so the user needs to be careful.

What Makes the Right HF mobile antenna?

The right HF antenna can save you from extra stress and saves your money as well. The money you invest needs to give some benefits to you as well. Look for the following factors.


It is important to check whether the antenna is durable or not. You are going to use it in rainy weather or stormy as well. So is it durable enough to withstand such effects? So you can check the brand's website or go in the description for taking a brief idea as well.


This is where we all stop and think longer than any other factor. Don't go for higher costs. Rather, check the features, and then if it is costly, then it is worth it.


1. What is the best HF antenna?

The list is already made for you that has all the top HF antennas in it. All you need to do is be clear of what you are specifically looking for, and the one you choose has all those specifications.

2. What is an HF antenna?

The abbreviation of HF antenna is high frequency and for radio waves to transmit the signals for sending and receiving the HF bands is mandatory for quality communication.

3. Where should you place the radio antenna?

To achieve quality signals and distortion-free communication, you can set it near the side of your window her you are sure that there won't be any disturbance.

4. How far can HF transmit?

The best part of the HF antenna is that it can transmit up to 3000 km. and the extra help is provided by sky wave propagation.

5. How can you make your antenna signals strong?

Using a directional antenna will help increase NCPR signals that will increase the original signal strength.

Final Verdict

This list of HF antennas was compiled for those who are looking for mobile antennas that can give high coverage for the radio signals for long-distance without distortion.

The vertical antennas are best used when traveling or in any outdoor military projects. Portable antennas with different band tuners that are in-built is another feature one looks for in the product, and the list above provides pretty handsome options to choose from.

This list is going to help you in making the best choice. A choice that is both feasible in your pocket and for your project. As any product that is less expensive but does not perform well is also a waste of time and money.

So, helping you in making the choice that suits you best is the ultimate goal of ours. Until next time, keep us updated about what we might have missed and we`ll get back to you.


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