Best Ham Radio Power Supply in 2021

Ham radio operating is more than just a hobby; they can be used for numerous practical applications, but whatever the usage be, you will need a power supply in any case.

Using a ham radio power supply saves you from the troubles that might come with batteries. Plus, using a power supply for ham radio works way more efficiently as it reduces the radio frequency interference (RFI) that results in too much noise during communication.

Furthermore, the batteries cost far more than a power supply, so it is wise to invest in a ham radio power supply rather than a battery.

So, whether you are a novice or a ham radio expert, if you are in search of the best ham radio power supply, this guide is for you!

We have reviewed the best ham radio power supply so you can make an informed decision before buying the one that best suits your needs. So, without further ado, let's get started with our review!

Best Ham Radio Power Supply

1. Pyramid PS9KX Universal Compact Bench Power Supply

Pyramid PS9KX Universal Compact Bench Power Supply

First on our list is a beast by Pyramid brand named Pyramid PS9KX Universal Compact Bench Power Supply. Similar to other products introduced by the brand, this one also does not fail to turn heads with its features and functionality.

There are several reasons why we have added this ham radio to our list of best ham radio power supplies. Firstly, it is a multi-purpose machine that is designed with a linear and regular power supply that does support not only ham radios but also various household appliances, cellular phones, and equipment.

Besides, it is fully capable of efficiently converting AC to DC. Another amazing feature about its power supply is that it comes with a plug-in operator that keeps its DC voltage constant, which results in fast AC to DC conversion.

It supplies 5amps constantly without any disruption and can gradually go up to 7amps. Furthermore, this ham radio is fairly easy to connect with other electrical devices due to its screw-type terminal connector.

Another worth mentioning feature of this machine is its cooling system, which comes with a built-in fan as well as an impressive cabinet heatsink that regulates the temperature.

In terms of design, it weighs 6 pounds and has an aluminum base of almost 8" high and 2.6" wide. At the front, there's also a USB port for charging mobile devices.

In addition to that, it is built with fuse protection technology, which keeps your devices safe against short circuits and electrical overload. It offers everything one could ask for in a ham radio power supply.


  • Auto-reset short circuit protection feature.
  • Built-in cooling system for heat regulation.
  • Plug-in operator for fast AC to DC conversion.


  • Lacks noise offset.

2. SUPERNIGHT 360W Regulated Switching Power Supply Power Driver

SUPERNIGHT 360W Regulated Switching Power Supply Power Driver

Another best ham radio power supply on our list is SUPERNIGHT 360W, which is the best fit for those on a budget but looking for a multi-tasking device that is compatible with several devices.

While having said that, this multi-purpose ham radio features a universal power supply of 12V 30amps that works with home appliances and car amplifiers.

Apart from working as a ham radio power supply, it is also compatible with 3d printers and LiPo chargers. Hence, it is the best match for those who are looking for a ham radio that can also work for various indoor needs.

Despite having a switching power supply, this machine offers an undisrupted and fully regulated supply of power to several devices, including ham radios, printers, car amplifiers, and other appliances.

Talking about the power supply, it has an input power supply of 110 VAC to 220 VAC and an output power supply of 12V and 30amps. However, at the full range, it can offer up to 240 VAC.

This device has a built-in cooling system, which has a fan that regulates the temperature once it hits 45 degrees centigrade. The fan works at variable speed and runs faster as the load increases.

In terms of performance, it yields outstanding results; it can work continuously for 30 hours without any disturbance.

The only downside of this ham radio is that it lacks noise offset, so there will be some radio frequency interference (RFI). But other than that, it offers exceptional features at such a low price.


  • Default cooling system.
  • Efficient AC to DC power supply.
  • Compatible with various devices.
  • Built-in short circuit protection feature.
  • Auto recovery after fuse shortage. 


  • No noise offset.

3. TekPower Analog Display TP30SWI 30

TekPower Analog Display TP30SWI 30

Unlike the previously mentioned ham radios, this one from Tek Power is designed with a noise offset feature which is considered the hallmark of this machine. This feature reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) and allows noise and ripple-free communication.

Other than noise offset, it offers exceptional line and load regulation. It also has all the safety protection measures such as cooling fan and short circuit protection. The good thing about its cooling system is that it does not make any sound, unlike Tekpower analog switching power supply TP30SWII.

It is slightly old school but a professional analog power supply that can support various devices, including ham radios and amplifiers.

Furthermore, it is designed with a switching power supply that offers input power of 110V AC 60Hz and a fixed output supply of DC 13.8V, 30A at maximum.

In terms of design, it is compact and does not occupy a lot of desk space. Constructed with the best quality aluminum, it weighs 6 pounds.

The voltage or amperage is shown at the analog gauge at the front. You can adjust the volt or amp using the small switch, which is at the right of the gauge.

Talking about its performance, it has so far proven to be excellent. With little to no fluctuations in the current, the line and load regulation are outstanding.

It also comes with an AC cord that you can plug into your electrical socket for ease of usage.

All in all, this ham radio from Tek power is a decent option for those who want a ham radio power supply for noiseless communication.


  • Fixed output 13.8V DC
  • The noise offset feature allows better communication.
  • Decent power supply range


  • Fixed output of 13.8V DC.

4. TekPower TP30SWII Power Source

TekPower TP30SWII Power Source

TekPower TP30SWII is a sibling of TP30SWI and shares a lot of features with it. Similar to TP30SWI, it is also designed for communication purposes.

Although it has the switching power supply, it does not mess with the communication transceiver as it comes with a noise offset that reduces the radio frequency interference to a significant level.

In terms of compatibility, it works well with several devices, from ham radios to amplifiers. If supplying power to ham radio and amplifier is your main concern, then you cannot find a better match than this machine.

Moreover, similar to TP30SWI, it also comes with a professional analog DC power supply system. Its power supply for input ranges from 110V AC and 60Hz.

However, it offers a fixed power supply of 13.8V DC. But that is not it; it comes with an adjustable DC output power supply from 9 to 15V.

Whereas, the best thing is that it supplies current up to 30amps.

In addition to that, when it comes to safety and protection, it does not disappoint its users. It has built-in fuse protection that prevents short circuits and electrical overload.

The cooling system is also remarkable in that it consists of a cooling fan and heatsink that come into action as soon as the machine starts getting overheated.

The only drawback is the overly loud cooling fan that makes quite a bit of noise while running. Other than that, it is a fairly decent deal at such a competitive price.


  • Short-circuit protection.
  • Reduced RFI due to noise offset feature.
  • Cooling system and heat sink.
  • Good AC to DC power supply range.
  • Adjustable DC output power supply.


  • Loud and noisy cooling fan system.

5. TekPower TP30SWV Digital Ham Radio

TekPower TP30SWV Digital Ham Radio

It is often difficult to use power supply devices that could be used as a moderator and for controlling the input and output voltage. The purpose is simple and quite understandable, even if you are a beginner.

As far as the input voltage threshold is concerned, it can handle at least 110 volts. So it can be considered amateur ham radio.

If you have a ham radio and you are concerned about the power supply, then rest at ease as it has a 13.8V DC power supply.

You can tune the power supply output as you wish. This device acts as a moderator of the current supply, and you can moderate up to 30A as output. In between this range, you can simply control the voltage supply.

In terms of DC power, you will be amazed to know about its features. If the dc power output is not adjustable, then it can become a problem in tuning radio and even cause unnecessary noise.

A separate instructional manual is provided for setting up this Ham radio power supply. This instruction manual consists of all kinds of information, which includes dc power supply, volt power, current, unit, and much more.

As far as the warranty is concerned no need to worry as it is almost one year so you can rest assured if by any chance it gets damaged. There is noise offset as a result of which when it works, there is minimum working voice.


  • Max current output as 30A
  • Adjustable DC voltage
  • Noise offset leads to minimum voice during working
  • Instruction manual for ease of usage
  • No complex working as simple controls


  • There is no cooling fan in case of overheat.

6. TekPower TP350 Switching DC Power Supply

TekPower TP350 Switching DC Power Supply

Thinking about buying a less costly all-in-one ham radio power supply? No need to worry as this one here is compact in size and lightweight. You can adjust it anywhere you like and easily place it where the radio is.

Moreover, when you look at the specifications, there is none of its generation that can prove to better than this model here. It has a switching mode in which there is the prospect of a regulated power supply.

As far as the CB or Ham radios are concerned, it has a 13.8V DC power supply. This TekPower product is comparable to most of the digital power supply and acts as a moderator against the incoming voltage.

There is a cigarette plug port that can be used for yourself. So it is a moderator that works for radios along with more personal usage as well. The metallic casing makes it durable for outdoor use, and in case it faces an impact, it can survive.

A small light button is placed over the box to notify when there is DC output. The max current output that can be achieved using this version of Tekpower is 23A.

So there is a probability that even if you wish to regulate the current, you can do this over this device.

In its packing, an instructional manual is provided within the box that is a guide to its installation and accessing methods of other features. The cables for connectivity also come within the packing.


  • High current output.
  • Regulator for voltage maintenance
  • A separate outlet for DC power
  • The power supply can be regulated


  • No display for keeping check of readings

7. Pyramid Compact Regulated Power Supply

Pyramid Compact Regulated Power Supply

There are very few devices like these in the market. The reason is their number of features that cannot be accessed from any other device. It is best suited for both AC and DC power supply as it can convert them.

It has a linear power supply and can convert AC into DC. So this feature makes it highly desirable as many others are not capable of converting it.

As far as the capability is concerned, it is capable of ham radio and a cellular phone

For compatibility with several devices, the universal port acts as a means of connection. Similarly, there are dual USB ports for charging and increased connectivity.

So if you wish to test devices, then this one here can be your best partner.

While using such a device, safety is always our prime concern. Relax as this device has built-in safety features. It has a short circuit protection system that enables you to work with ease without the risk of electric shock.

You don't need any kind of additional battery; rather, you can use it as a source of charging devices. The cigarette lighter also acts as a source of ease for you.

This device has almost all the features that you could desire of.

There is a built-in fan that acts as a cooler. Obviously, where there is a flow of current, the device tends to heat up. So the fan acts as a coolant in this scenario.


  • Capable of converting AC to DC voltage
  • Small and compact
  • Used for charging of devices
  • Highly safe
  • Cooling fan for maintaining the temperature of the device.
  • No fan noise while working


  • No display for keeping check frequency range or power supply.

8. Pyramid PS14KX.5 Linear Regulated Power Supply

Pyramid PS14KX.5 Linear Regulated Power Supply

An electronic device that can act as a power supply for radio is of high requirement nowadays. You would have probably heard that there are often risks associated with electronic devices. This one here is risk-free, so relax.

It has a casing that is highly durable and is a source of protection from electric shock. You can easily touch it while working over it.

In addition to this, the power button allows you to have complete manual control in case of an accident.

Furthermore, the pyramid has a linear supply and is capable of converting AC voltage to DC. The compatibility is off the charts as to whether it's a smartphone or any other device it can be connected to it.

The screen-type terminals are a source of connectivity with any kind of device. You can connect a voltage meter or any other device for testing. You can even charge a laptop or any other portable device by connecting to it.

Sometimes you need a constant source of DC supply, and it has a plug-in operating system that gets you to access that power supply. It is highly safe owing to the auto-reset system that turns it off in case of danger.

For scanning or using ham radios, this device is there to support you. The cooling fan keeps it cool while power input and output. The two light indicators can be observed clearly from the front side.


  • Short circuit protection system
  • Highly durable casing
  • Connectivity to scanners and smartphones
  • Super fan for cooling of the device
  • Light indicators for input and output.


  • Its size is bigger to adjust.

9. Pyramid PSV500 Adjustable Power Supply Volt Meter

Pyramid PSV500 Adjustable Power Supply Volt Meter

Most of the models of the pyramid usually have the best features in the market. Its devices are highly safe and reliable. The devices are usually more advanced and are a mixture of new technologies.

It has a reliable AC to DC power supply system and has a regulated design to get the best out of it. This model covers the deficiencies of the previous ones as it is highly compact and is light to carry.

The USB terminals allow you to increase connectivity by connecting other devices like smartphones and scanners. They can be similarly charged owing to the connectivity.

The adjustable power control system is the best of its features. The voltmeter display allows you to test devices and read values. How would you read values if there is no display or meter? This makes it exceptional, among others.

The protective features make the device highly reliable to use. No need to worry while working because of the enhanced protective features it has. What do you want more from such a device?


  • Highly protective to use
  • Capable of connecting devices
  • Smart fan for cooling
  • Voltmeter for measuring readings
  • Converts AC to DC supply


  • Instead of a meter, a display would be better for accurate readings.

What Makes the Best Radio Power Supply?

If you are not sure what to look for while buying a ham radio power supply, don't worry because we have got you covered! We will jot down everything that you need to know before making a purchase.

It is best to go for a ham radio power supply that supports both ham radio and power supply but make sure to check the voltage range of your electrical outlet; ideally, it should be somewhere around 110V to 220V.

Other than this, the next thing is to ensure whether the power supply you are getting is compatible with the voltage of your electrical outlet.

Besides, you need to decide between linear and switching power supply. The key difference between the two is in the way they supply DC power to electrical circuits.

The linear system relies on transformers for power supply, whereas the switching system depends upon the pulse weak modulation process.

Another thing to consider is the noise offset feature, which is of essential importance for those who want a ham radio power supply for communication purposes.

We have pretty much described all the things that you need to know. Now it is up to you to outline your requirements before making the final call.

Not only will it help you to opt for the best ham radio for the power supply, but it also goes a long way in your ham radio journey.


1. Are Ham radio Power supply any good?

Yes, a good HAM radio is best suited for beginners, and a power supply would ensure regulated voltage and current. This would ensure efficient functioning for your ham radio.

2. What is the best power supply for ham radios?

Normally any power supply would be enough for ham radio, but as per our list Pyramid, PSV500 is the best one as it has to regulate capacity and handles both AC and DC supply.

The cooling fan and compact size make it the best one.

3. Can I use a computer power supply on the ham radio?

Yes, you just need a USB port to connect to a computer. Once it is connected, a computer can supply sufficient AC supply to make the ham radio work.

4. How many watts does a ham radio use?

The watts are not defined, but if you want a limit, then it is 1500 watts.

5. How much electric surge can these power supply handle?

Most of these have capacity for holding off 5 amps so they are more than enough for small loads.

Final Verdict

It is good to lookout for a good regulatory power supply source for radio. It can create ease while operating radios and becomes support as well. Hope this guide would have helped you reach a suitable power supply. Thanks.


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