Best Dual Band Mobile Antenna

There are a lot of options in the market for mobile dual-band antennas with so many verities of features in them that are best for what you are looking for. You can choose from all these options, and we are here to provide you with the best options and answer all your concerns in one article.

This way, you will be able to make this time-consuming decision a bit more easily as you don't have to surf the internet for each product one by one. Also, there are so many other features as well that you need to know apart from what you need.

For all this extra research and work, we are delighted to help you.

1. BTECH PL-259 Mobile Coax Whip

BTECH PL-259 Mobile Coax Whip

We promise that we are going to provide you with all the best options available in the market. So, here is our first pick of the day for you. This model is currently on the top with the most reviewed dual-band mobile antenna on, including other online websites.

You can count on this model in regards to the best service. The market price of this product is justifiable when you compare the features it provides. If I say that it gives more than its value of money, this won't be incorrect.

No one in the market gives you this much at this price, so you can have the best buying experience. PL-259 comes with SMA female adapter that makes it easy to use with other devices when connected.

The look and style are so fancy and classy with easy installation so that you don't have to look up for installation manual. It does require a metal ground plane that measures 19 inches with stainless steel antenna.

It is made to ensure the best UHF reception range. The tightly wrapped loading coil helps in increasing the UHF reception range. The dual-band gives VHF&UHF 137-174,400-520 MHz range power with the very strong earth magnet base that supports in every best way possible.


  • SMA adapter with cable.
  • VHF&UHF dual-band range powered.
  • Installation is easy.
  • It is weatherproof, so you can have uninterrupted work.


  • It might have a distortion issue in some low-frequency areas.

2. Tram 1181 NMO, SWR Coax with Magnet Mount

Tram 1181 NMO, SWR Coax with Magnet Mount

In this list of dual-band antennas for mobiles, we do not rate this as the second, but first. As all other opinions we will provide you that we have mentioned before, are all the products we have gathered for you after this intensive research. They are all on the top of their game.

We are here to just narrow it down for you to save you from all the hustle. This model tram nmo mount 1181 is equipped with all the goodness and gives you the best reception quality. The dual-band function provides you with both reception and transmission with a wide frequency range.

The company is best known to provide their customer the best and a lasting buying experience that last long and make the customer feel that they have bought worth the price product. The nmo mount UHF VHF antennas made their way into the top 10 due to their performance.

Talking about its sleek and slim, stylish design, this mobile UHF VHF related band antenna is made with stainless steel material so that the exterior doesn't get rusted and stained with all power work. Kote of black color is done for a finishing look.


  • The connector pin is like a gold plunger-type.
  • Tuning Is not needed for this antenna to work.
  • It has unity gain for VHF.
  • It has a 2.5 bd gain for UHF.


  • Locations with low frequency might give difficulty in connectivity.

3. Bingfu UHF Mobile Roof Magnet Mount

Bingfu UHF Mobile Roof Magnet Mount

This VHF UHF band has multiple functions to perform, and the best part is that it is known to be the top one in this competitive market, with so many of his siblings competing for the same position.

Vehicle ham radio has a male connector for car and trucks amateur radios and enhances their maximum power.

The mag base low-profile antenna look provides the best base support for ham radio. The frequency range varies from 136 to 174 MHz for VHF gain and 400 to 470 MHz for UHF, respectively.

This model has a wide range of compatible devices that works perfectly with it. The dual-band radio wire provides smooth working with two-way radio, amateur radio, FRS GMRS MURS radios, and walkie-talkies. The strong mag mounting base with cable and connector also comes within the package.

The black mount-looking style makes it small and easy to handle. Other related models may have these similar features, but the performance of a product speaks for itself. Mostly the radios in cars and trucks are amateur radios and give low frequencies. With this mounting antenna, you can have super coverage of VHF UHF signals.


  • Magnetic base to support them to put it on flat ground with strong support.
  • The cable comes center magnetic connector with 13 to 14 inches long cable.
  • Compatibility with different types of radios BTECH, ICOM, KENWOOD, MIDLAND, TYT, anytone, cobra, Uniden, president, galaxy audio, pro trucker, stryker.
  • The frequencies for VHF and UHF are both up to the highest standards.


  • Some customers are not very satisfied with the design.

4. TRAM(R) 10280 SWR Coax Whip

TRAM(R) 10280 SWR Coax Whip

If you are looking for antennas that are best known for their original quality of work, then the TRAM series dual band stand tall in the list. These antennas provide quite a long range of items to work with. The last may be long, but this is not the only reason that makes it the perfect fit for everyone.

Durability and reliability are the top priority of the company. It is built to provide the best coverage in a different range of frequencies. The solid brass mount is used to give the best finish to the product.

This black stainless steel material used in its making is the reason why we call it the best product that ensures to give only the best to its client. The material used is of top quality so that it can be weatherproof and rustproof when used over a length of time.

The looks are eye-catching and are so stylish. It is designed like the standard 37-inch-tall in nmo mounting finish contact pin. It is available on Amazon, and the link is provided for you to explore your options.


  • The multiple bands range varies from 2.4bd gain VHF and 4.5bd gain UHF
  • Made with best material chrome finish nmo mount with gold plated plunger-type contact pin.


  • The price is slightly more than the others.

5. Bingfu Ham Wide Band Radio Antenna

Bingfu Ham Wide Band Radio Antenna

Looking for one of the top-rated ham radio antennas that are famous for their best performance, then look no further. Bingfu antennas have a reputable background with a long history of super performance for those who want monitoring base antennas.

The frequency range is around 136 to 174 MHz gain for VHF and 400 to 520 MHz gain for UHF. This is slightly more than the rest of the models. Beautiful features with a strong magnet mount base on which the thin coil wire-like antenna stands.

The antenna has a long cable for attachment around 10 feet long for easy connection and position to place. The product comes with a UHF pl 259 male connectors and a UHF SO 239 female connector that adapts and is compatible with so many other devices.

The height of the antenna is 47 cm so that you can easily place it on the car front and use it like that. In the package, when you buy it, this comes with an SMA female connector as well for dual function.

If we talk about its compatibility with radios, then the mobile radio, ham radio, FRS GMRS radio, public radios, and all other types come under its wing along with so many other devices and companies with a never-ending list.


  • Great for professional use with max power.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Worth the money.


  • Less holding power for strong winds.

6. Bingfu Vehicle Dual Band Radio

Bingfu Vehicle Dual Band Radio

You will surely not regret buying Bingfu Antenna as this Vehicle radio is one of the best choices among mobile antennas you could make. This 50-ohm VHF UHF band is suitable for both ham radio as well as mobile radio, so you can look for your respective taste and need. So get your desired product with both options.

Many brands offer good frequency range antennas so it has become difficult to decide. You need to stop worrying as this antenna provides you a good range of about VHF 136 to 174MHz and UHF 400 to 450 MHz. Your choice is easy; Bingfu dual-band setup has to be your way to go.

It seems troublesome to move the antenna from place to place to catch signals. Come out of this stress already by switching to this omnidirectional antenna.

Now you no longer have to move across your space to adjust your range as it radiates radio to power the same in all directions.

The problem that most of the customers face is of mounting the antenna. Now, this issue has also been resolved as this item comes with an NMO mount. This 9cm height antenna can be easily fixed on this mount, and you're good to use it right away.


  • Omnidirectional
  • Compatible with many brands
  • He good frequency range of VHF 136-174MHz and UHF 400-470MHz


  • Base not included.

7. Comet 150-Watts Mount Mobile Coil

Comet 150-Watts Mount Mobile Coil

You have reached the right place; this original dual-band antenna is the customer's best choice and so will be for you. This antenna is about 40 inch in length which is ideal for a mobile antenna. This antenna connects through an NMO mount.

The range of any antenna is the most important feature that is considered by any customer. To make this product convincing, the brand has provided max power of about 150W FM. Why do you need to look for other options when you have this mobile antenna!

The best thing about this antenna is its bending ability. You can easily bend it or straighten it as per your requirement. It can easily reach heights for maximum power and can also be bend to decrease the height.

Attach it on the roof of your car and have the best signals in the neighborhood.

If a good frequency range is your concern, then you must go for this antenna. It meets your demand and provides you with a good range. The VHF range of the antenna is 140 to 160MHz, and the UHF range is about 435 to 465MHz.

This long antenna comes disassembled from amazon and so requires self-assembling. Once assembled properly, you can start benefiting from this amazing antenna. One of the best things about this antenna is that it does not require any tuning. It also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity of owning this original and max power antenna by just going on Amazon and adding it to your cart.


  • Dual-band antenna
  • Easy to bend and elongate
  • Does not require tuning
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year


  • Comes disassembled

8. Comet 450 MHz SBB-5 NMO Mobile Radio Antenna

Comet 450 MHz SBB-5 NMO Mobile Radio Antenna

Do you want a mobile antenna that gives you a good range to access the radio while driving, then you are in the right place. Comet produces the best mobile antennas that come with an NMO connector.

This connector helps you to connect the antenna easily. It is better than ordinary connectors that were being used previously. So why not advance your level if you're keen to invest.

You can find this amazing antenna on Inc. Most brands offer good coverage, and so the competition is high, but Comet has the best transmission of about 2 miles and 70cm.

This brand has ensured to provide you with the best power for the antennas. This antenna has a max power of about 120 watts.

The length of the antenna determines its range, and the better range is associated with long lengths. This antenna is 38 inch in length and so is long enough to catch good signals and provide you with a good range. So why do you waste time searching? Just grab your chance while it is still in stock.


  • Coverage of 2M and 7cm
  • 120 watt of maximum power
  • 38 inches of length
  • Comes with an NMO connector


  • The quality of the connector is not good.

9. Diamond NR770HB UHF and VHF Antenna

Diamond NR770HB UHF and VHF Antenna

Top looking around for mobile antennas, as you have arrived on one of the best ones. It is one of the best dual-band mobile antennas. It satisfies all your needs and requirements within one antenna.

You may find this item on Inc. Just add it to your cart and it can be delivered to your address. It is a sleek design antenna, and the black makes it even finer in look.

Antenna gain allows the antenna to radiate in any certain direction. Better radiation of antenna means better range of signals. This antenna provides you with a gain of 3.0/5.5 dBi. You must opt for such antennas that can give you all in one.

There are various brands in the market that don't provide you with a connector. This antenna can be your best choice as it provides you with a connector called PL-259. This is a strong connector and allows good connectivity.

The length of the antenna determines its range. Longer the length, the better the range of the antenna. This 38.5 inches antenna can fold so that you can change the height as per your requirement.


  • Gain of 3.0/5.5 dBi
  • It can be folded over
  • The long antenna of 38.5 inches


  • Absence of NMO connector

10. Original Comet UHF Antenna Long VHF SBB-2

Original Comet UHF Antenna Long VHF SBB-2

Comet produces the best quality antennas. These antennas are dual-band and so help you escape from wires. These wireless antennas have been introduced to give the customers the comfort they deserve.

It works by providing a strong and wireless connection in areas where it is often difficult to reach signals.

The best quality of a good antenna is its frequency range. Not all brands can offer you a good range as we have to move across. You should invest in such antennas that can help you with that. Comet SBB-2 antenna gives you a varying frequency range from 146 to 446 MHz

This antenna also comes with a connector. This PL-259 connector is strong and can be easily connected. This brand has taken care of the height of the antenna quite well, providing you with good access to signals.

It has a length of 18 inches and so can reach out to catch signals.

This antenna has many options in one. You would be happy to order it from Amazon inc or its affiliates once you get to know its fast loading strength of signals and more. Not all antennas can provide good coverage, but this antenna gives coverage of about 2M/70cm.

So what are you waiting for? Stop your struggle of finding a good antenna, as this will meet your demands in a single package.


  • Original Comet antenna
  • Good frequency range
  • Height of 18 inches


  • It cannot be folded.

How to Buy A VHF UHF Mobile Antenna?

When considering a dual-band mobile antenna, there are certain considerations to be made to ensure that your money does not go down the drain. You must go through some requirements that are listed below.


You cannot invest without seeing through the working of an antenna. The antenna must be within your range. You need to invest more in buying a simple antenna as it would be a waste of money on a simple thing like an antenna.

Dual Band Mobile Antenna

You should always look for an antenna that not only has all the features but is also cost-effective. It must be within the range of your pocket so that u may not waste money.


There are a variety of brands that make antennas with good ranges. The Amazon marketplace is full of antennas that vary from one another and many specifications. The most important feature of all is its access.

Dual Band Mobile Antenna

One might be in an area where signals are weak, so it is important for the antennas to have a good range so that you can easily access signals regardless of the area you are staying in.


While buying an antenna, the customer is paying from his pocket. It is not ideal to simply jump to conclusions about any random antenna and may result in wastage of the customer's money.

Such an antenna that can guarantee reliability should be selected as it would be worth the payment. An unreliable antenna should not be bought, and only good research and reputable website like Amazon Inc. or its affiliates may help you find it.


1. What is the Most User Friendly dual-band mobile antenna?

Bingfu mobile antenna that is small and compact with easy-to-use features.

2. What is the best antenna for ham radio?

Bingfu ham radio antenna is the best in the market among its competitors.

3. What is the best HF vertical antenna?

The super antenna MP1LXMAX is the perfect option in this regard.

4. How high does a ham radio antenna need to be?

The height of a ham radio antenna should be around 10 feet high for better connectivity of signals.

5. How dual-band antenna works?

A dual-band antenna is responsible for sending and receiving high-frequency signals from miles apart. Those signals are called UHF and VHF, and dual-band antennas do both the job.

6. What is the benefit of a dual antenna?

The benefit of having a dual antenna is that you can use it for transmitting messages like on a walkie-talkie. And this is helpful in traffic control cars for quick connectivity.

Final Verdict

Antennas in mobile phones not only help the buyer to be able to access radio anywhere at any time. Introduction of hassle-free dual-band antennas aids in ease to humans and provide them with a better range of antennas.

Cable-free antennas are a new thing in the market and are in demand. These new antennas provide better frequency ranges, and so the customer's best choice. These innovations have allowed access to your radios anywhere.


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