Best Dual Band Mag Mount Ham Radio Antenna

When you have an amateur dual-band setup at your home, why not get top-of-the-line reception in your car or jeep? That is the promise of a dual-band antenna. Why not take your mag mount antenna for a test to confirm its superb reception and transmission.

There are various magnetic mount ones, but we are here to guide you in the best antenna out there. They should be having a strong base connection with your jeep and do not bend for their premium quality check. Interested? Keep reading.

You just went to buy an amazing radio for your desires. That feeling of getting a new antenna in hands is the best one. The fine quality and desire for fulfillment of long-range is the best part of a radio. Let's accept this, we all love radio, and the fact it has a long-range is the best. However, it is a challenging task to increase its range in case if the range is not up to your expectations or you might get into fraud. Don't worry; you are not alone as we are here for you.

It doesn't matter whether the radio range is small or large, but still, at one point, you would feel that the range is not good enough. No worries, as our list are focusing on getting you the best dual bamag mount antenna.

You can also get a mobile antenna or ham radio antenna for your radio to get the ease of usage. Hearing is a challenge if you don't have a good ham radio antenna.

So we will provide you a brief idea of some cost-effective, powerful, and portable dual band ham radio antenna.

Best Dual Band Mag VHF UHF Mount Antenna

1. Btech Nagoya UT 72 Super 19-Inch Mag Base Antenna

Btech Nagoya UT 72 Super 19-Inch Mag Base Antenna

Sometimes you need to check for the authenticity of a product because of their unreliable products in the past. That is not the case with BTech, as you are getting genuine quality products with industrial-level engineering to provide you the best seamless experience possible.

When you are in possession of the original Nagoya UT 72 super coil that is 19-inch in length, you can rest assured for UHF and VHF frequency set up in no time. The max power of 520 MHz makes this a superior competitor for its sturdy signal gain.

The cable has pl 259 connectors for customer ease of connection with your mobile ham radio. Thanks to its super loading coil, it comes with dual-frequency with a steady connection even in extreme weather conditions.

The magnet mount provides a solid base to the antenna. Thus, your radio signal has a long-lasting strength now. Such performance is unmatched with its weatherproof mag. You will be getting super-rich reception due to its super loading coil with ease.

Just connect it to your vehicle and be ready to experience high-quality reception from far-away places with comfort and reliability at all times.


  • Easy to install and compatible with ham radios.
  • The metal part secures the mag mount with ease.
  • 19 inches provides superb UHF reception.


  • The SMA connector on the antenna is a bit fragile, which is not ideal for most easy connection setups.

2. Bingfu Dual Band Mag Antenna

Bingfu Dual Band Mag Antenna

When you are looking for a mobile ham radio setup with a dual-band antenna, you have to try bingfu for its reliability in all weather conditions. You will have a great band frequency at all times. Such strong magnetic strength provides for a great connection.

Getting dual signals with clear audio is like a dream come true. Reaching 450 MHz with ease, you are sure to find your specific needs fulfilled with ease. Transmission and receiving such rich and crisp audio makes it compatible with most ham radios.

The magnet base provides super support for attaching itself to the car with ease. Causing the antenna to do its job well. Thus UHF reception is sure to have a big boost due to its 148MHz antenna. Whereas, mount stick to the vehicle in all wind types, all the while delivering a quality service, is no problem for this antenna.

At the same time, VHF signals are captured from miles away. Making a cable sturdy enough to have solid transmission. The connectors provide great stability due to their coax cable. You get a huge amount of gain with this power cable.

Thus making your antennas give you more range in frequencies while you're in the car with its superior compatibility with related radios all the time.


  • Good magnetic base for solid sticking to the car.
  • Great power output and receiver.
  • Coax cable makes for super-rich signal strength.


  • The magnetic base is small; thus, it might blow off the car at higher speeds.

3. Tram 1185 Dual-Band Magnet Antenna

Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna

Get a complete package for long-range transmission and receiving power. Such magnet antennas are hard to come by where you get a dual-band antenna at such a low cost. Don't worry; the build quality is an industrial grade, so you will have a smooth radio experience.

All of this is possible because of the mobile radio revolution. Tram has made sure to stay at the top of its game in delivering its valued customer with UHF and VHF bands. This 12 inches coax cable is strong and of premium quality from top to bottom.

Even the magnetic mount is designed to have a solid base attached firmly to your car. Now roam freely and have your antenna transmit to new untapped potential. The magnetic base is coated to provide a slip-resistant and corrosion-resistant attachment with your car.

This mobile antenna is perfect for covering long distances. You will have superb reception with this new mag amount antenna in your arsenal. Now have zero jamming and clustering due to its super sturdy performance.

If you want to purchase one, get Tram from Amazon, and you will be grateful to us for recommending it to you. You will fall in love with its all-year-long service with no issues always.


  • Splendid performance and premium quality built.
  • 19 inches antenna provides ultra-reception.
  • Weatherproof with a 3-inch mag base 


  • The coax cable has no male connector, so you will have to buy it separately.

4. VFAN Mobile Antenna VHF, UHF Dual Band

VFAN Mobile Antenna VHF, UHF Dual Band

Amateur radio can become a hurdle for your enjoyment. You can end up in disappointment if you have an amateur radio. A dual-band antenna would relieve your stress and give you the best result once you have got it.

This one here has an excellent performance depending upon the changing of direction of the antenna. It is dual-band VHF, UHF and highly mobile. You can move it from one place to another and evens tick it to the top of the car. The mobile antenna, which is a magnetic base, has a higher capability of attracting signals.

If you are concerned about durability, you would be happy to know that it is made up of stainless steel. Furthermore, the waterproof material would support you in any kind of season. Its small size would help you in easy adjustment in terms of adjusting it, and the magnetic base easily sticks to the metallic roof.

Just purchase it at a cost-effective price and get a high-performance magnetic base dual-band antenna that can be connected to the vehicle and has a high performance. The power it consumes is suitable for a car battery, and the connector is PL-259 with super loading coil.

Even if you are a beginner, this antenna could be best suited for your enjoyment. Just test it on the SWR meter if you wish to get a hint of its performance. The Pl-259 connector helps you in an easy connection mechanism.


  • Mobile antenna
  • Excellent material making it waterproof and durable
  • Additional PL-259 connector for increased connectivity
  • High manufactured quality
  • Excellent range and easy to tune.


  • Poor magnetic base attachment on top of car.

5. Tram Dual-Band Magnet Antenna

Tram Dual-Band Magnet Antenna

The demand for the antenna is although less nowadays. The reason is the less use of radio or other devices that require the use of a high-performance antenna. The main purpose of a magnetic base is the easy installation of a dual-band antenna.

In terms of power capacity, you don't need a high power source for this one. Rather a small battery is enough for that antenna works to keep it working for a whole day. If your concerns are related to the high range, then this one here is the best partner for your radio.

No need to worry about the tuning of the antenna. The reason is this dual-band high-performance antenna is already tuned for your ease while using it. Tuning is a hell of a difficult task for beginners, and for your ease, it comes already tuned.

The higher frequency tens attract the buyers the most as it increases its capabilities and performance to the next level compared to the antennas of its generation. Moreover, the small size and lightweight make it easy to adjust almost anywhere.

So need not worry when you have this amateur antenna if you are a beginner. It has a frequency range of 440mHz to 450mHz


  • Best for beginners
  • Small in size
  • Easy to move and use
  • Already tuned for easy use
  • High-quality piece coil


  • Antenna connectors are not of good quality.

6. Bingfu VHF UHF Dual Band Mobile Ham Radio Antenna

Bingfu VHF UHF Dual Band Mobile Ham Radio Antenna

A mobile antenna is the desire of every radio user. Why? Because many want to listen to the radio while they are driving vehicles and in mountainous areas due to terrain, the signals are lost. So for that, an antenna could easily catch the signals owing to its high range.

Similarly, the connectivity of the antenna is another demand. The higher the connectivity, the more it's desirable. This one has exceptional connectivity with Kenwood, Ham radio, Galaxy audio, and many more.

It comes in a complete set of packages that includes the connectors, cables, and band mobile antenna. You won't need to get another thing as it has all the important accessories in its packing. It is the best amateur dual-band antenna.

The magnetic mount allows it to install and start working easily. Moreover, the capability to easily move it around and install it wherever necessary makes it one of the best mobile ham radio antenna.


  • Highly compatible and easy to connect
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Built-in Pl-259 connector.
  • Magnetic base mount
  • Guide for easy installment.


  • SWR is comparitively very low.

What to Look For Before Buying Best Dual Band Mount Mag Antenna

The money you invest needs to get some fruit. For this, you should consider certain facts before buying the best dual-band magnetic mount antenna. Here are some you can check out


It is important to check out the durability of the antenna. The reason is it would be mounted magnetically and would be exposed to the atmosphere. So it should be waterproof and anti-freezing depending upon the atmosphere.

How can an antenna survive if it is not durable enough? You can check this in its description.


You need to determine the application of the antenna. If it is in the high range and requires high performance, then the dual-band antenna needs to be cost-effective. The reason is you cannot spend too much only on an antenna. So it needs to be less costly and should have multiple features in it.


It would be best if you bought an antenna that should have a good range of catching antenna. You can be in any kind of area, so the antenna should be a partner there. For getting an idea of the range goes to the website or item description to get a brief idea.


1. What is the best dual-band antenna?

It must have VHF and UHF capabilities. Coax cable with pl 259 connector with sturdy and easy to install the connection. Foldable cable with coated magnetic base for not damaging the car paint.

2. How close can I mount two VHF UHF antennas?

If you mount one antenna in the front seat over the driver's head and the other antenna over at the back seat base, you are good to have a stable and easy connection with both. No collision of frequencies.

3. What is the best HF vertical antenna?

Out of these, Tram 1185 is a good option. That is because of its easy connection with most radios, long-range and easy 50w max power handling with ease.

4. What is the best antenna for ham radio?

Bingfu makes a variety of quality antennas. Getting one ham radio antenna for them is sure to have a genuine premium quality product all the time for your ease.

5. What is the range these antennas can transmit?

Most mag antennas are capable of tapping in between 150 to 160 MHz, so you have a lot of frequency range you can transmit and receive easily.

Final Verdict

In the end, a mag antenna is perfect for rough terrain transmission or off-road mobile antenna setup. It will surely provide you with a great coverage band mobile and attached, both. Thus, you will have your radio items always with you, all the time.


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