Best Dual Band DMR Radio

It is best to use a reliable communication device for ease at the workplace. Now the question is what kind of device should be used. A DMR radio can become your best work partner in this regard as dual-band DMR radio is best suited for reliable communication.

No worries, whether it is a construction site or a park, or any other long-range area where a DMR radio is required. Our list consists of some of the best dual band DMR radio's that would help you get an idea of the best ones in the market.

The issue arises in areas where a high range is required, and many devices fail to owe to lower frequency range or lack of capacity of higher range. But it is important to get a suitable dual band DMR radio as not all are good ones.

There are some of the renowned models that are followed by many of the people. The brands are formed by reviews of people, and it is often suitable to follow the reviews because it reflects the personal experience of people.

It is best to get a brief idea of the dual-band radio you are going to buy. You need to check for your investment and the application where you require this DMR radio.

So let's check some of the best DMR radios from our list.

Best Dual Band DMR Radio

1. Radioddity GD 77 DMR Dual Band Amateur Ham Radio

Radioddity GD 77 DMR Dual Band Amateur Ham Radio

What is the most basic requirement from a dual-band DMR radio? Its range. The reason is at the end of the day our top priority is a range of the best DMR radio. This one here has a range of 5km, so if you are in a mountainous area, your radio will catch signals across other mountains.

Similarly, Radioddity gd77 device has the excellent capability of working with a hotspot. So you can connect to any other best dmr radio and also to other hotspot devices. This would considerably reduce your issue of connectivity.

Moreover, if you are a social person and want a radio for communicating with other DMR mobile radio devices and listen to their chats, then this solid dual band DMR radio is best suited to meet your cause.

For talk groups, this best DMR ham radio is more than enough.

Radio must have a crystal clear sound. You would be amazed when you use this one as it has crystal clear sound, and even if you increase the volume, the voice would not be distorted. So you can deem it as noise-free ham radio.

This solid radio has built-in software that comes with it. The setting up of this digital and analog radio is determined by the software, which is easily compatible with PC. So after installation, you can set up the radio and maintain the settings of the device.

However, if your PC is Mac or Linux, then connectivity is going to be a problem for you?

Additionally, there is a user guide for your ease of usage. Understanding the functions of a new device is always a difficult task. The brand also responds to its customers on time. The small display helps you to keep a check of frequency range and other factors. However, there is no such proper LCD.

GD-77 has a technical manual with its packing that would help you in case you need technical support. There is a built-in battery that can stand by for over a day, and if you are using it for continuous work, then it can stand for 10 to 15 hours.


  • Long-standing built-in battery
  • Easy to use as a manual is provided
  • Solid and hard, so durable.
  • Promiscuous mode for talk groups.
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Easily connected to PC


  • Unstable UHF and VHF DMR which is not suitable for emergency use.

2. BTECH dmr 6X2 GPS Dual Band DMR Radio Radio

BTECH dmr 6X2 GPS Dual Band DMR Radio Radio

The quality of a dual-band radio is decided by its frequency range. In the case of this device, it has a frequency range from 400-480 MHz and 136-1674 MHz for exceptional working. This device has high connectivity with other radios and has more connectivity evenly if the opposing radio is of BTECH DMR 6X2.

You will also be relieved when you would see the kit it comes in. there is almost everything that you would need with a ham radio. There is no need to buy anything new.

Separate cables, charging port, additional batteries, and an exclusive antenna. So be at ease and trust BTECH DMR 6X2 for its premium quality high-range device.

In addition to these, the body of the device is quite solid and has easy to use keypad. You can easily operate it through the keypad, and it is easy to turn on and off simultaneously. It is a mobile radio that you can take with you almost anywhere, and rest assure owing to its superior capability of catching signals at long distances.

There are a series of other exclusive features that are only limited to this device. It has a built-in dual SMR slot and 4,000 channels which are enough to keep you amused. In addition to these 4,000 channels, there are over 10000 talk groups, so you can continue to chat with a bigger social group the whole day.

There is a big LCD TFT screen in front of the BTECH DMR 6X2 device. This screen would help you get an idea of the frequency range and the quality of signals. The accessories consist of a jack and antenna so that your investment becomes more credible.

We believe there are very few brands that provide such a big kit with their device. There are two batteries of 2100 and 3100 maH in this DMR mobile radio so that on long routes, if one goes out other could be replaced. A charger transformer and wrist strap are also provided in the kit.


  • A built-in battery and a separate battery
  • Durable BTECH DMR 6X2 owing to the high-quality material
  • User manual for ease of usage
  • High battery time to work almost a day
  • LCD screen for ease of usage
  • Big kit with several accessories in BTECH DMR 6X2.


  • Compatible with Digital repeat but not with the cross-band repeat on analgue mode.

3. Ailunce Amateur IP67 UHF VHF Digital Radio DMR

Ailunce Amateur IP67 UHF VHF Digital Radio DMR

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert; you are probably looking for a digital dmr analog radio that could be easy to understand. This one here has a flashy appearance and is solid. So no need to worry about any impact as it is durable and survives a great impact. You would find this hard device suitable for moving around.

Similarly, if you are looking for a long-range radio, then this is the best one in the market nowadays. This high range device is completely mobile, and it doesn't matter whether it is a mountainous area or stormy weather.

This radio has a series of features that includes multiple radio IDs and can save 200,000 contacts at a time. So this device has all in one capability. You can edit and delete using the keypad that comes over it. No need to worry as it has secure calling connections.

You can use the keypad for almost accessing all features, so no need to connect it to a PC for accessing its features. There is a large built-in LCD with 200,000 contacts that has an excellent display that can help you get the ease of usage and keep in check all of the functions.

Similarly, it is light in weight and easily held while usage. The audio receiving is excellent and exceptional as compared to other of its generations. It has a dual slot for calls from multiple sources.

Concerned about the battery timing? Is your task based on movement from one place to another? No need to worry about its battery timings as it has a large battery of 3200mAh and can stand for a whole day with continuous work. So you can keep on working over long hours and be at ease.


  • Large battery capacity
  • LCD screen for ease of usage
  • Suitable for analog and DMR mode.
  • Dual time slot or multiple calls.
  • Multiple radio dmr ID and secure calls.


  • Always popping call logs which drains out high power output that is very annoying.

4. Baofeng VHF/UHF DM-1701 Dual Band best DMR Radio

Baofeng VHF/UHF DM-1701 Dual Band best DMR Radio

It is important to look for a compatible device as, at the end of the day, this is what divides a traditional radio from a dual-band radio. There is no such thing this device doesn't have. First of all, it has 3000 channels and over 10000 digital talk groups.

This makes you highly social able and gets in link with several contacts.

As far as the features are concerned they are of wide arrange as well. The customizable features include an alarming emergency system, color codes, manual programming, and much more. This makes it a multi-function best DMR device deemed as one in all.

As far as the software capability is concerned, it supports complex applications and has built-in mass editing capabilities.

It has an easy user manual that has technical specifications and easy to use approach. This manual is a guide for you by the brand to create ease for the users. You can also write code plugs using it.

There are a series of buttons attached around the device performing different functions. You can use buttons for loudspeakers and microphones. This keypad is for ease of usage and performing functions without a PC. The dual-slot helps you in communications and has double frequency resources.

As far as the battery timing and mAh are concerned, then it exceeds your expectations. It has a long battery life of 2100 mAh with wide frequency range 136, so you can work up to 12 hours, and for placing it on standby, its capability is 48 hours.


  • Best for hams.
  • Cost-effective amateur and commercial radio


  • Low end tft display with low channel capacity.

5. TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band

TYT MD-UV380 Dual Band

With the advanced Time-Division Multi-Access technology, this Ham radio is manufactured by the one and only TYT. It can be used with any of the Motorola TRBO tier I&II radios. That being said, it is widely versatile and can easily be accessed.

With the incredible crystal clear audio and clear receipt, you are able to enjoy crusty voice communication. This sturdy little handheld ham radio offers both analog and digital operating systems for which you can flip into any of them easily.

With this ergonomic handheld device, you will be able to reach far distances. It can operate from 400 to 480 MHz up to as much as 5 watts.

This long range two way handheld radio is versatile as it includes a series of 3000 channels with LCD scan. Along with that, it offers scans, private calls, group calls. It comes with a DTMF keyboard with a color screen.

Furthermore, it has been manufactured perfectly for the radio enthusiasts. The color screen has a 70cm analog screen which has a 2000mAH battery that offers long hours, allowing you to take anywhere you want no matter what how long you want.

The keys have something of great material that offers a bit of resistance whenever they are pressed. With that being said, it keeps you from pressing the wrong keys accidentally. It also requires TYT 380 programming software so that you can program it virtually.

Given the long hour battery timing, this sturdy little ham radio runs on low power even when it is connected to a hotspot. Furthermore, it is cost-effective even with all these features. It is a go-to handheld ham radio for all kinds of purposes.

You can simply install this handheld radio in your cars or at your favorite spots. The package includes an adapter, programming cable, desktop charger, and a users` manual. The installation is very easy as there is all the information in the user manual that makes it easier to understand along with each step.


  • Cost-effective handheld ham radio
  • Runs on low power even with the hotspot connectivity
  • User-friendly
  • Get installed easily.
  • Long battery hours.
  • Quickly transmits frequency with sound clarity.
  • Nice tedious details in the LCD.
  • Digital and analog radio modes.


  • The software has many bugs.

6. Radioddity GD-[73A DMR/Analog Two Way Radio

Radioddity GD-73A DMR/Analog Two Way Radio

The highly inexpensive DMR radio that is UHF only and saves you a lot of effort, unlike the lousy ones. This handheld radio is super cheap and cost effective. This sturdy little ham radio works really well with a hotspot.

Mainly, it comprises two power modes that are user-friendly with the 2w high grid power and the low power of 500mw. It gets along very well with the high usage as it feeds very little power even when connected to a hotspot.

Furthermore, the powerful battery lasts longer than any other battery. You can also charge this ergonomically designed ham radio with the standard sized micro USB charging cable.

It allows the users to get more power within a short span. Having said that, this feature has made it highly portable that you can install it anywhere.

Unlike the high end ham radios, it doesn't import the DMR database, which only shows the DMR ids upon the incoming calls. Radioddity has shown great quality within the minimalistic price range that everyone can afford.

The packet is inclusive of a 3600mAh Battery, USB Rechargeable & Programming, and Compact Long Range Walkie Talkie. It is highly compatible with the firmware software that allows the updates to be fully functional.

DMR certainly entails a firm learning curve along with a very detailed user manual. With such functions that Radioddity promises to its users, you will find it easier once you've gotten ahold of this radio. Cutting edge CPS & firmware is accessible by Radioddity.

Moreover, there isn't any proprietary desktop charger included, which causes a little concern for a welcoming sight. You can charge this radio and program it with a standardized USB programming cable. Despite that, there is a small USB charger included too. But you will be needing to get the latest software bundle directly from Radioddity. That's where there occur some concerns and quirks.


  • Cost-effective handheld ham radio.
  • Highly portable.
  • The manufacturers update it with the firmware and latest modifications.
  • The battery lasts longer.
  • An antenna is of high quality material.
  • Hotspot connectivity.


  • DMR doesn't show the name of the callers.
  • The charger is very small.

7. Radtel TYT MD-380 HandHeld Radio

Radtel TYT MD-380 HandHeld Radio

The radio device can prove to be an all-time friend when its features exceed your expectations. Getting a good dual-band radio has always been difficult for you, but there are certain features that you might be looking for. Don't worry. This little one has one in all capabilities.

A dual-band radio should have a high range for catching signals which means that its antenna should be capable enough. This TYT md 380 smart radio antenna can get long-range signals even in remote areas. So you can use it while you are traveling.

The most interesting part of modern radios is their source of power. At the start, the battery source was wired, but this one is portable and has a battery that can be charged, and it can work almost a day once it has been charged.

No need to worry even if your battery is non-usable as you can replace it with another battery.

Similarly, if you are worried about the tuning of radio, then be at ease as UHF and VHF are used for tuning of radio. So it is easy to tune incoming signals. It is a combination of analog and digital, so whether you prefer analog or want to connect to digital this TYT md 380 will be your partner in every scenario.

In addition to this, there is an LCD over the radio, which allows you to access it, similar to a phone. The keypad allows you to switch between different options, and the values like frequency range, channels, and calling options can all be observed from it.

You would probably love its packing as it comes in dissembled form with a programming cable, charger, and antenna. You can easily assemble it using the manual that is provided with the radio.

The additional 3000 channels and 200,000 contacts make you social as it increases your contact with the other social groups. The dual time slot allows you to make multiple calls with ease, and the calls that you make would be completely secure.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Long working hours once recharged
  • Crystal clear audio quality once tuned
  • UHF VHF tuning technology
  • Hybrid as it is analog as well as digital
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Frequency range 400 – 470 MHz


  • Low end TYT support.

8. Retevis RT82 SMS Alarm Waterproof Radio

Retevis RT82 SMS Alarm Waterproof Radio

What is it that you demand from a dual-band DMR radio? Is it the frequency range? Talk groups? Compatibility? Whatever you demand would be provided by this radio here. It is the best one and has high demand in the market.

Take a look at its high-frequency range and its series of features. You can use this one here for almost any kind of feature at a cost-effective price. It has almost 3000 channel capacity, and you can also text message various talk groups from this dual band DMR radio.

If you are a social person, then you would be happy to hear that it can also undergo group calls as well as a single call. Moreover, there is a 10000 contact list and is also compatible with a dual watch.

It has a secure call system so no one can tap into your conversation. The dual time slot allows you to call alternatively and securely. This digital-analog radio is highly compatible and provides free calls without any kind of restrictions.

This device is waterproof, so no need to worry in case of using it in the rain or immersing in water as it can function after getting wet. The size of this DMR dual-band radio is remarkable as it is easy to handle and place in the pocket as well.

If you wish to record the calls, then rest assured as this model can record continuously for up to 8 hours. Not even smartphones are capable of this much recording. You can connect it through a programming cable, and software can be upgraded for new functions.

The keypad has a light so that if you wish to use it at night, you could feel it easy to use. The 2200mAh battery allows you to use it for a long time. For normal usage, this battery can work above 8 hours.

You can see the ranges and changes of dynamics in it. Moreover, there is a charger that comes with it to charge it and takes less volt as well.


  • Long lasting Lithium-ion battery for long working hours
  • LCD for ease of usage
  • There are multiple channels, 10,000 talk groups
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Completely resistant to dust and water


  • Does not function well with the transmitter or receiver.

9. HESENATE TYT MD-UV390 VHF UHF Programming Cable Radio

HESENATE TYT MD-UV390 VHF UHF Programming Cable Radio

It is a fact that we often get satisfied with a product or a brand that provides a guarantee of its products. This brand here provides a one-year premium guarantee and even returns the product with ease.

Furthermore, this device is better than its other models when it comes to features. The color digital and analog display helps in the ease of using it with clear radio sound. You probably have felt issues of sound from previous radios but not from this one.

As far as compatibility is concerned, it has a built-in USB programming cable capable of connecting to a PC. It has an updated software version that makes it fast and easy to use. This software enables the encryption function making it highly secure while you are using it for calling purposes.

Its function is similar to a smartphone as you can message and edit them. Decode messages and make free calls to several social groups. An additional software and drivers CD is provided to make sure that even if the drivers are removed accidentally, it can be used again by re-installing its drivers.

The antenna has the capability of catching signals from a high range, and the battery is 2000 mAh, so no need to worry about its working capability as it is off the charts. The duration of working is above 7 hours so work with ease.


  • Good battery timings for long 10,000 talk groups work
  • Waterproof, so no worry of immersion in water
  • Software and drivers for installation and use
  • Secure group calls
  • The output power is 5/1 W.


  • The drivers won`t function well with every software and are not easy to install.

10. Retevis RT84 Digital DMR Radio

Retevis RT84 Digital DMR Radio

This radio is the updated model of its previous generations. So you can believe that it has to be better and more capable than others of its generation. The black-looking dual ham radio is quite flashy and durable as well.

It is made up of hard material that can withstand any kind of shock. It has a large color display for messaging and reading of multiple aspects. The display is simple and easy to use with all aspects presented on its display.

Similarly, no need to worry about the audio quality anymore. Why? Because this radio has a clear sound quality that would be clear to you even if you are a bit out of range of signals. Similarly, for group talks, its quality remains constant as well.

It is best to use outdoor because of the clear sound. The 2000mAh battery is there to make you buy it. This battery is enough to work continuously over 7 hours a day and standby time is almost a whole day.

No need to worry about its transmission and acceptance capability. The reason is whether it is in analog or DMR mode, its performance remains at its peak. It is rare to get any loss of signals while you use this DMR radio.

There are almost 250 tier i and ii channels that can be scanned simultaneously. The LCD allows you to keep track of the channels that are being changed. The software provided in it is updatable once you have bought it. There is no need to buy the update as it is free afterward.

Worried about getting a commercial radio for your use? No worries, as this one here can be modified for both personal and commercial use. The tuner technology is dual-band, and the battery is composed of lithium ions like that of smartphones.


  • LCD for track of activities.
  • Dual-band tuning technology
  • 3000 channels list and 1000 contacts
  • High range antenna
  • Lifetime software update opportunity


  • Unresponsive to online queries and doesn`t support firm wares.

Things To Check Before Getting One

If you are out looking for the best Dual Band DMR Radio, then you've just arrived at the spot. We have gathered the ten best items for your ease that will make sense for such items. If you are a beginner, you should definitely read this before making a purchase and wasting your money.

Here are some of the interesting facts you should know beforehand while making a wrong move to avoid such hassle. Follow along, and you'll get the hang of it.

VHF, or 900MHz or UHF:

Commonly used DMR radio is the UHF. It works well, but sometimes it interferes with the military radars causes disruption in the audio or the signal reception.

Dual Band DMR Radio

It has commonly been used in the US, but now in Canada, VHF is more suitable for such purposes. Make sure the one you are getting is well-suited and comprises of 420-450MHz.

Programming Firmware & Software:

Some manufacturers offer software updates, but some charge fees for such purposes. While you are searching for an ideal DMR radio, look out for the ones that offer free software and firmware updates.

For some reason, people often try to program other people's DMR. But make sure that you have a legitimate copy of programming software for such tedious tasks.

External Antenna:

Not all the models support external antennae unless it is for testing or alignment purpose. Adding an adapter to the external antenna with the portable handheld radio will stress the antenna connector, which will surely break down the connection. It will cause you expensive repairs or premature part failure.

GPS Function:

Some DMR radios don't support APRS that's an Amateur Packet Reporting System. Moreover, with the GPS function, the device will be allocated to locate and report the server-based dispatch applications for which it will consistently drain your radio's power.

Dual Band DMR Radio


1. What is DMR?

It means Digital Mobile Radio which is a European standard for mobile radio worldwide.

2. Do you need a license for DMR radio?

There is no doubt that for a DMR radio, a license is good. The license would give your legal rights to use it. But is not necessary to have a DMR license because operating it as a license is not mandatory.

However, in professional features, there might be a chance to have a license. Certain radios are licensed by the brand, so you can also buy those radios. For limited and personal use, a license is not mandatory.

3. What is the range of a DMR radio?

The DMR radio has a different range depending upon the time. Before 2016, a DMR radio had a different range. At that time, it could work below 66MHz. Its standard is set by the DMR association that defines those standards.

Today, a typical DMR radio has a range from 30MHz to 1GHz. Its overall coverage and performance are said to be way better than analog ones and are superior to previous ones as well.

4. What can you do with the DMR radio?

A DMR can make you more capable than you would have imagined while buying it. How do you ask? You can make any kind of emergency calls and even perform group calls with high security. So no one can decode your calls.

Moreover, you can use it in remote monitoring, and the two slots allow you to use it simultaneously. For data communication and accessing multiple channels to a high range, DMR is the best partner.

5. What is the difference between DStar and DMR?

The difference between the two can be defined by private or commercial use. For a long-range and mobile radio, we recommend DMR. The reason is quite simple as it has a high range capability, and for HAM businesses, this one here is best suited to meet your needs.

In case of a specific radio that you only need for digital purposes is a DStar. For connecting to local users, a DStar is best suited, but for commercial, DMR is best.

6. Are DMR and DStar the same?

The purpose of both is radio communication. The DStar is open to users, so they can use it for private calls and group talks. However, for secure professional tasks, a DMR is the best suites.

Final Verdict

A dual-band radio often has a series of features that you may or may not require. It depends upon the investment you make as some might be less costly, but their features would be limited as well.

Some of the best dual band dmr radio are very costly, and their features are also exceptional. Try to find one that can meet your needs and is cost-effective as well.

We aimed to provide you with some of the best dual band DMR radio so that you would know which one to buy. Our list is based on reviews, so be at ease and get the best one as you may like it. A dual-band radio should have a good range and long-lasting battery because it might be needed when you are moving around.

Hope you would find a good radio from our list. You can also feel free to give us a suggestion. Thank you.


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