Best Cross Band Repeater Radio

Whether you have a typical ham radio or your antenna is not able to send signals further away, you need a mobile radio. If you have a UHF band, but your receiver has VHF, then you need a cross band system. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

1. TYT TH-9800 Cross Band Repeater

TYT TH-9800 Cross Band Repeater

Whenever you need to look for a dual-band repeater, go for an authentic brand like TYT. They offer the most sophisticated transmitting power in a mobile radio. When you need a capable machine that gives you squelch control, you know you are getting a quality radio set.

Capable of transmitting on low and high FM/AM transceiver, you will be getting a great value product. The display makes sure you understand what is being output and what signal strength you are getting. Such an easy setting makes all the difference from the rest.

The size is super ergonomic. As in, you can carry this along because of its lightweight. Another way is to link it to your car or truck for on-the-road radio fun. Thus giving full coverage whether its UHF or VHF frequency bands.

One of the features is its power setting variation which you can easily set according to your needs. Such cross-band repeater comes equipped with a voice scrambler and set tone according to your preference. Scan 100 channels and band with a powerful antenna.

The power cable allows for the addition of new cross band frequencies. This will help in connecting with otherwise not allowed frequencies. Thus key buttons are a plus when you are on the road.


  • Multiple bands can be tuned.
  • Broadcast and receive with extreme voice clarity.
  • Dual band transmission and receiver act as a duplex system. 


  • Sometimes the voltage fluctuates, which cause distortion.

2. Qianghong TH-UV8000D Long Range Walkie Talkies

Qianghong TH-UV8000D Long Range Walkie Talkies

Who needs anything else when you have walkie-talkies on you? Such radios with high output are unbelievable. Modify its band settings whichever you like. These devices act as cross-band repeater, too, which is a great bonus.

Having voice clarity for transmission and noise cancellation when receiving is super beneficial when you are in busy places. Thus the high-powered allows for long sessions or radio calls. Don't worry; the antennas adopt the best repeater and amplify your signal automatically.

The transmission link is super durable so that no loss of signal occurs even in rainy weather. Such a docking mechanism for the radio device makes for the ultimate comfort of the user.

Despite all that, the build quality is premium in every sense. Two cross band repeater radio set makes a high number of the channel frequency range. You can view active VHF channels while select and discard others of your choice.

Run it in low 5W voltage to save power while still getting a good range. This is very important in tough conditions where you need a battery. It's super easy to tune in multiple bands. The programming cable allows for special feature included on the radio.

You can attach this along to your car and have fun while using the voice scrambler option. With lightweight carry, you can take this along your trips and never again worry about getting lost, and the connection power is super strong.


  • Voice scrambler makes clear voice modified in no time.
  • Two Rechargeable handsets.
  • AM/FM dual band receiver.


  • The programming setup is a bit hard to understand.

3. Wouxun KG-UV9D Multi-Band Radio

Wouxun KG-UV9D Multi-Band Radio

Having a dual-band wireless radio is a great benefit when moving around. You can have other different information on the display screen, which shows the connection strength and much more. Whether you need to connect with UHF or VHF, all will be taken care of by Wouxun.

You may need a wireless antenna for long-range signal gathering. Thus, getting a complete set of all features packed inside. You can listen and tune in either band simultaneously as it holds a cross band repeater.

With programming cable, adding other features like frequency settings, dual-band settings, and others is a piece of cake. Now connect this radio to your car or take it along on trips and have a seamless connection all the time.

These transceivers act as repeaters, too, so that you get the highest quality voice-over. Superior build quality is seen through its excellent performance and customization. Make reverse frequency change possible with smart system.

The color display provides for messages and alerts of codes for configurations and showing bandwidth quality. You will have a huge variety o choose between frequency ranges from 76 MHz to 965 MHz with ease. Thus giving its user the utmost reliability at all times.


  • Display screen for caller ID and messages.
  • Decode scans for QT/DQT connection.
  • You can easily choose from 9 different bands.


  • It is not a digital mobile radio (DMR), but you need to carry all its equipment along.

4. Alinco DR-735T Repeater Set

Alinco DR-735T Repeater Set

Having a high range means good availability of frequencies to tune in regularly. This means you can have both side transmission and receiving power. With its ergonomic design, you cannot go wrong with it. Such high fidelity band cross makes for the perfect companion.

The RGB color variation makes for fun reading which frequency you are on. You can even cross over one band and then jump back to the previous. Such radios provide the strength and speed needed for these types of tasks.

Attaching it in your car or carry it along, you can do it all with ease. All is possible due to its lightweight. The external mic gives super crisp UHF signal power. You can transmit in a clear voice automatically. This repeater acts as a booster when you need to transmit a cross band repeat.

Thus overall, cross radios provide ultimate comfort to the user. As it allows for simultaneous TX/RX, you can have the utmost reliability in Alinco at all times. The presence of the cross band repeat function makes dual frequencies change with power.

Think of these repeaters as boosters that amplify your signals. This way, you receive much of the signals quickly. In fact, you will also be able to transmit with much further range with no extra hassle.


  • Front speakers for excellent communication.
  • Manual band shifting allows for total control.
  • Transmit and receive simultaneously without heating up.


  • Some people may not like the RGB because high color shifting may cause seizures.

5. Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate 7 Mobile Radio

Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate 7 Mobile Radio

It has long been known that Wouxun produces quality products that are of professional quality. This one is also not any different. With a rechargeable system, you can have a steady output of different voltage of your choice.

Getting a cross band repeater in such a small yet powerful device is remarkable. You can keep a cross band on this transceiver and enjoy and smooth radio time. Whether it VHF, the simplex radio gives you the option to deal with squelch with ease.

When you are getting squelch on the cross band, repeat is a serious pain. Wouxun radio makes it super simple and handle with ease automatically. Now you can have fun and hear all those radios chit-chat. You can talk over with confidence.

The frequency is so wide to accommodate; you require repeaters to amplify it. Not anymore because in 2021, this simplex device would act as a power repeater for all ranges from 76 MHz to 965 MHz, thus adding FM and airband.

Such a cross band repeater is hard to come by. Go mobile and take its external antenna along with you. Otherwise, attach it to your vehicle and have a cross band repeater radio at your service.


  • Excellent long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • LCD displays provide useful information and messages.
  • Choose any station of your frequency or reject.
  • Dual-band cross repeater for frequencies makes for superior mobile radio.


  • Currently, no bad reviews about this repeater radio are found.

What to Look for Before Buying?

You should check does it support cross radio talk or not. This will include a dual voice-over of both transmission and receive power. Check the band repeater does not get heat up after constant use because it requires a good amount of battery.

A strong tail antenna may open new high and low-frequency doors for you. You have to make an important decision in getting the right one. If the transmit signal is well within the allowed range. Get that repeater radio.


1. Is cross band repeat legal?

Yes, it is completely legal, and manufacturers are provided with an optimum range by the FCC to operate within.

2. What is a cross band repeater?

A cross band repeater makes both UHF and VHF bands bounce back and forth and amplify their signals. It helps is listening to both dual bands.

3. What is the most powerful ham radio?

There are many powerful ones, but in this list, Wouxun mate 7 is the most powerful one. With its battery, easy setting, dual-mode selection, and other features, it is a strong competition to others.

4. Are cross band repeaters harmful?

Certainly not. These radios are designed to protect the user from frequency exchange by making a strong casing box.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best ones we can find. The actual results in performance may not be same, but you want to try them on our recommendation. Once you open the box, you will need two radios more. Until next time, thanks.


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