Best Coax for HF Ham Radio

There are times when you need a powerful antenna to boost your signals across. You might not be getting an adequate amount. You may be having a signal loss problem. These are some of the symptoms of weak coax cable.

Many coaxial cables lose their signal retention abilities over time. This is because the transmission line has not been upgraded in a long time. Thus you need new ones that go along with your antenna. This way, you will have a clear transmission in critical times.

There are different cable types. Some of them vary in length, while others require a specific frequency quality coax. Don't you worry because we are here to guide you! What power, male or female connector, etc. all those questions will be answered here. So let us get started.

Best Coax for HF Ham Radio

1. Workman RG58A/U Coax Cable

Workman RG58A/U Coax Cable

Whenever you need quality cables, a workman is here to provide them. You are getting a three-foot jumper cable which is made for cb, ham radio setups. These provide durability and reliability at their peak.

Many of these coax cables come bundled with PL-259 connectors, which is great for secure antenna connectors. You will be getting 50 ohms to coax cable, which is an industry standard. Thus getting no signal loss and clear transmission at all times.

These cables are best used for amateur radio setup where you need better signal retention. The antenna will have great strength in transmitting and receiving power—thus better conductor with a great shield on the inside of the cable.

Such a jacket comes in handy when you require them the most. The applications for these cables are endless. You can get the best antenna, but it is of no use if you don't have good quality coaxial cable. Connecting it with your radio is simple and easy.

It has connectors at each end which provide for stable connection throughout your transmission. You will feel the range and clarity in your voice. No need to change anything else when you have workman coax cables for those long radio sessions.


  • Long 3-foot length with insulation for heating.
  • 50-ohm impedance gives proof of excellent quality.
  • Connectors provide a seamless connection.
  • Perfect for ham radio setup.


  • The connector is not deep enough to connect correctly to the antenna connecting jacket.

2. RFAdapter Cable for Radio

RFAdapter Cable for Radio

When you need a cb radio cable, you need to get rf adapter cables. You will thank us for their braid-shied insulation inside the cable. This provides durability for long-lasting radio sessions. You can use it for multiple purposes with a guarantee.

Such low loss during amateur radio hours will help boost your signals to a new range never tapped before. The long length means you can attach it from one antenna to your ham radio in another room with ease. Thus best coax for such a bargain price.

The impedance of a 50-ohm coax cable gives the needed retention. Although those male to male RG 58 cable is long enough, you need the best power and minimal signal loss. That is what the rf adapter provides to their users.

Now your ham hf radio setup is ready to broadcast to the world easily. If you are getting loss and distortion when using the radio, you need to change those coax cables. These cables are multi-functional and can serve other purposes too.

You can change to this high-powered coaxial cable with a length of up to 100 feet. The PL-259 connectors provide stable high and low-frequency transit. Thus UHF or VHF is child's play.


  • Amazon associates program gives a full warranty.
  • Long enough cable for the easy antenna connection.
  • Dielectric material protects and gives the least amount of loss of signals.


  • The center conductor pin is very thick, which might jam the receiver ham radio.

3. Extreme Consumer Products Coax Weatherproof Cable

Extreme Consumer Products Coax Weatherproof Cable

When combating weather, you need coaxial cable all the time because they might get electrocuted. Therefore you need ones that fight them with ease and help you save up some money. Getting these RG 8x coax cables, you are going to have a long-range in no time.

Getting a solid transmission line is achievable with this cable. Getting super sharp voice clarity and covering long distances is its unique ability. It is of no surprise it has been named as the best coax for HF.

All this is possible with high engineering quality and superconductivity. Thus better signal retention is absolute. Such heavy-duty cable for radio, SWR meter, or antenna, you are sure to get in love with its service.

You will be getting reliable power with the most negligible signal deterioration at all times. This ham radio will now transmit HF and LF with super ease. The cable is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It has been noted that the insulation material used is thin but don't be fooled. These signals are only possible when quality wires are used to transmit and receive such signals. Thus power is steady in all length.


  • Rg 8x coaxes cable makes for a super durable frequency transmitter.
  • Low and high UHF or VHF does not heat up at all.
  • Super sturdy and solid grip connectors.


  • The connectors seem to have excess soldering around the conducting pin, which makes it very hard to connect.

4. Yotenko CB Antenna Cable

Yotenko CB Antenna Cable

Before you judge the cable on its simple design, you need to try its raw power. Supported for antenna, UHF, and VHF ham radio, you can use it with trust and comfort that the cable will not break. A heavy-duty performer in its league.

Superior build quality PL-259 connectors provide a stable connection. At the same time, the rg58 cable is sturdy enough to handle high and low voltage fluctuations. You can rest assured to have a long signal range during the least loss in the process.

Sometimes used for antenna, other times perfect for amateur radio. Easy spinning connectors are durable and easy to open. This means you can connect and detach it whenever you want. Even the coaxial cable length ranges up to 100 feet, as per your preferences.

The long RG 58 cable provides long signal retention with ease. Now you will have untapped potential with such a powerful cable. This is because of the superconductive material used in the making of transmission wires. At the same time, the insulation protects you even after a long time of usage.

Some amateur radio might need an SWR meter to be connected, so coax helps you there too. The copper wire is perfect for easy conductor material with reliable insulation at all times.


  • Jumper cable with high insulation shield.
  • Long-range radio seamless connection.
  • Lightweight with less signal loss.


  • Some users have reported having a signal loss far more remarkable than advertised.

5. Ancable Antenna Cable

Ancable Antenna Cable

A ham radio jumper cable for getting the best coax out there. You will be getting high signal strength and durable cable at all times. Along with that, it shares 50-ohm resistance, which is best when fluctuations occur.

The gold foil magnetic conductor acts as a perfect companion for ultra-fast delivery. This means you get a super clear voice over your radio and get the best range out of it, always. That is because of the aluminum wires used inside.

The coax for HF requires the best conducting material for ultra-speed. Such an act makes the cable lightweight. Now you can get a great coverage area in terms of signal. Making UHF deliveries has never been easier when the radio cables are wrought out.

That is why a new one will do the trick. The cables are long enough for you to get LMR in no time. The small 3 feet size comes in very handy for the jeep radio. Getting a sturdy connector is a blessing which is why these top-grade connectors do the trick.

You will not hear any complaints from these RG 58 cables even when using UHF at all times. The heat-up issue is resolved by using good quality insulation material around the aluminum wire.


  • Amazon associates program gives you a complete warranty.
  • Great long length coaxes jumper cables variation for your desires.
  • Less heat and less loss.
  • Best for UHF and VHF transmission.


  • The cable is a bit thin, which might break upon sudden pull.

6. MPD Digital LMR400-PL259-UHF-80 LMR-400 Coax Ham Radios

MPD Digital LMR400-PL259-UHF-80 LMR-400 Coax Ham Radios

Coax cable is the crucial part of your ham radios that is responsible for the transmission of signals. You must be wondering about how it works. Well, the key to that is straightforward as the alerts enter and leave your CB Ham radio through the coax cable.

To carry radio frequency, you are going to need the high-tech MPD Digital LMR400 to coax cables. These cables are the most popular mean to carry the radio frequency from one node to another. It has been manufactured by the metal shield and with the appropriate components, which saves the signals loss along with the prevention of interference during the signal transmission. With the low loss of signal energy it is so far the best coaxial cable for your ham radio.

MPD brand is known for its quality. With the best quality, it offers the users the LMR-400 of 4 inches radio antenna coax. They can work their best up to 300Mhz. LMR-400 is compatible and associated with the PL-259 connectors, which gives your signal maximum protection.

These coax cables are heat shrunk for their best use for their resilience material that lasts longer than any other coax. That said, it is the best antenna jumper that runs in your radio with Wi-Fi compatibility along with cellular use.

Furthermore, it offers its frequency range up to 11GHz with excellent signal retention for VHF, UHF, and HF. The bottom line is with a prominent center conductors works best for your CB ham radios. It stabilizes your Wi-Fi connection up to 70-80 foot unit.


  • Minimum coiled coax cables.
  • Heat shrink installed connectors.
  • Versatile length coaxes cable up to 70 feet unit for Wi-Fi.


  • Poorly manufactured PL-259 connectors, which affects the SWR functioning.

7. HYS TC-110M CB/VHF/UHF/HF Ham Radio RG58 Coaxial Cable

HYS TC-110M CB/VHF/UHF/HF Ham Radio RG58 Coaxial Cable

Another famous brand known by HYS has introduced their top-quality coax cables out in the market. These cables are the upgraded version as they have a soft rubber bottom which makes them compact and a great mount.

The base is very receptive when it comes to receiving the signal transmission. Furthermore, this is the best-known coax cable as it is weatherproof as well. Whether there's the storm, rain it works perfectly well, and given the specs, it is well-suited for your ham radios.

With the HYS 110m, you can go on with your journey listening to your favorite songs by streaming flawlessly with the one of the best coax cables. With that being said, the length is preferably long considering the mount installation.

The quality of this best coax for ham radio is RG58 which is a widespread feature for the 50-ohm coax cables. The built-in AWG (American Wire Gauge) is a cable conductor responsible for determining the cross-sectional area of wires` individual strands.

AWG plays its role as a signal generator. These signals are brought about with the set of wavelength, amplitude, and frequency of sound waves as this feature is mainly present in the high-end applications that explain the HYS 110m as a whole.

HYS 110m is compatible with the UHF-MALE, PL-259 antenna, and with many more devices. The fundamental pull strength for signals by its magnetic core is much more muscular than any other with 30.8lbs.


  • Basic car antenna
  • High-end SO-239 connection cable.
  • Sucks the signal strength with the solid magnetic signals with 30.8 lbs.
  • Built-in PPL-259 connectors on both ends.
  • Doesn't fall off the cars easily.
  • It comes with 4.3" diameters with flawless signal transmission.


  • The weak magnet can only bear up to 65 MPH.

8. MPD Digital LMR400-W-PL259-40ft White UV Protected Coaxial Cable

MPD Digital LMR400-W-PL259-40ft White UV Protected Coaxial Cable

Another MPD's Digital Marine coaxial cable has won the heart of many with its flawless features. A legit UL-approved high-end dielectric material coaxial cable of VHF radio core features a very powerful jacket coating.

With that being done, it insulates the inner component from any harsh treatment, whether it’s the weather or the storm. The most compact and durable coax HF radio cable provide the most long-lasting two-layered sheets. This sheet is designed in a way to protect the mainstream components from harmful UV rays fully.

It provides a stable connection for the VHF, UHF, and HF installation. Along with that, it is a high-quality connector cable of 40" inches in length. It was strongly recommended by many users with quite a pleasant experience.

The dynamic outlook with the .405 (10.3) diameter is laced with dielectric flexibility for smooth transmission. This feature helps the cable in bending up to 90 degrees and within 2 inches. It is so far the best coax for HF ham radio.

With the in-built Silver Teflon PL-259 connectors, it is an actual signature coax cable for your Ham Radios. It gives the user much appreciation with the ultra-low loss of signal input and the wide range of maximum strength.

The bottom line is, it works as the power booster enduring all kinds of harsh environmental factors with its longevity. But with that, there's still a slight compression ring around one of its connectors that seems a bit odd due to uneven rough edges.


  • Top-quality and a high-end powered coaxial cables suitable for ham radio antennas.
  • Supports many applications VHF, UHF, PL 259 and VHF with the installation.
  • Powerful magnetic core for ham radio.
  • Doesn't let the signal be lost even after bending up to 90 degrees.
  • Compatible with the AIS, SatPhone, also for the sailing craft.
  • Low loss of data with the ease of installation.


  • Users are a bit concerned regarding its low-quality connector.

9. Aries 21003X RG58A/U Coax Cable

Aries 21003X RG58A/U Coax Cable

With the most dynamic style, this 3-foot jumper is the best option for your CB ham radios. Being the heavy-duty coaxial cable, it is very flexible. That being said, you can bend into positions without fearing the signal loss.

Along with the purchase, there are two PL-259 connectors at both ends of this coax. These connectors are soldered with the MALE Teflon silver plated. If you have a moist weather condition at which the cables could sometimes go rusty. But with the help of these moist free connectors, you can enjoy flawless streaming with the longevity of these cables.

Above all, this cord's flexible nature makes it compact and durable that you can bend it in almost any direction. Moreover, you can quickly put it in your bag or your drawer as it fits in perfectly. With the impedance of 50 Ohm, that is the most wanted feature for the sound's clarity.

Furthermore, this impedance is equipped for the low interference of signals. Along with the multiple length variation of 3 feet, Aries 21003X, so you will choose the length according to your requirement.

This sturdy coax cable is coated by the solid copper-clad-steel center that is surrounded by the dielectric insulator. It makes the cord shield against electromagnetic interference. Along with that, the RG58 is well-suited for tensile strength. With the lower loss of signal power this is the most wanted cord in the market.


  • Soldered connectors on both ends.
  • Resilient against harsh weather conditions.
  • PL-259 connectors.
  • Flexible and bendable coax cord.
  • Best coax for HF ham radio.


  • Low-quality connectors have been reported several times.

10. MPD Digital Rg8x, 6ft RG-8X Coax Cable

MPD Digital Rg8x, 6ft RG-8X Coax Cable

Designed in the US powered with the ultra-low loss of signal output, MPD has offered its another top-notch featured coax cable. With this, users can listen to the qualitative sound with little or no interference.

These cords are designed explicitly with coiling of 96% pure copper sheath. It is strongly recommended for deficient loss transmission given the RF connectivity. A military-based technology that is heat shrink to be used in the harsh environment easily.

Keeping the high standards, MPD has introduced a series of upgraded coax cords, enabling the radio with better signal retention. The usage of different length cables installed with Male to Male PPL-259 connectors could boost your radiofrequency.

Along with their usage, MPD's mini-8 Coaxial cables are heat shrunk for their top-quality sheath material that lasts longer than any other coax. That said, it is the best antenna jumper that runs in your radio with Wi-Fi compatibility along with cellular use.

With high precision and control, this is the MILSPEC compliant product. There is minimum to none with their usage, low loss of signal, and a better optimal signal for your RX, UHF, VHF ham radio. Furthermore, their cost is a bit high but considering their beneficial usage, and it is a must-have Military Spec coaxial cable.


  • MILSPEC coax cable
  • Flexible
  • Optimized VHF, UHF, and RF signal with a high precision
  • Heat shrunk material


  • We haven't found anything disturbing yet.


1. Can you use RG6 for ham radio?

Yes, certainly. You can use up to RG8 for ham radio. This only means the resistance and how much the cable is durable enough. You can use more miniature, but newer devices require more voltage to display their features. For that purpose, you would need RG8 coax cables.

2. Is LMR 400 the same as RG8?

LMR makes for excellent UHF signal transit, while RG8 delivers great VHF. These are not the same as LMR island mobile radio, where RG is a type of coax cable with insulation and another shield of braid wire. This helps in challenging weather conditions.

But takes up more power juice while LMR uses less voltage and has other features too.

3. What coax should I use?

You can use RG8 for future-proofing yourself. That is because it acts as a jumper cable between the antenna and radio device. It is also compatible with mobile radios like in jeeps and trucks. You can use it because it has a high tolerance.

Getting any RG coax cable is a better option than most on the market.

4. What is the LMR 400 cable used for?

LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Company and is copyright 2021 protected. The cable performs exceptionally well against other antenna cables. That is because of the material used in making the coating jacket.

The best thing about Times Microwave copper cable is that it works great with ham and amateur radios. The length does not affect the quality at all.

What to Look for Before Buying?

You must be confused with the purchase of the best coax cable for your ham radios. But worry not, as we are here to sort these things out for you. There are various cables out there in the market, with from average to top quality cable.

With the above expert reviews' help, you will tell the difference between the mediocre and high-end coax cables. Based on their functionality and powered output, you should keep certain things in mind before purchasing them. Read along, and you'll get the hang of it.


The best signal transmission and perfect connection between the cable and device are to get a flexible and lengthy line. It would be frustrating if the cable is not enough to reach the other end. Before getting one, always measure the length at which you will place the thread, as it is crucial for your ham radios.

RF Connectors

Always get a high-quality alloy that is rust-free and strong enough to hold the connection for long. They should jack nicely with the cable and fit in perfectly within the plugin for the cable. Keep that in mind to get a suitable connector that will fit your device and cable ports.

Final Verdict

We have compiled a list of the ten best coaxial cables for HF ham radios with our expert's views. Widely used by many operators, the coax cable is the most crucial part of your ham radios. With the high-quality cable, you'll enjoy unhindered signal transmission along with a strong connection.

A sturdily designed and effective coax cable lasts longer with the powerful magnetic core, fits in the port nicely and efficiently. You can choose any of the above according to your requirement. Let us know what we have missed, and we'll make sure to add it in the next article. Until then, good luck with your search. Thanks.


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