Best Antenna Analyzer

It is often difficult for antenna enthusiasts to faceless disturbance when they are operating it. You probably face hardship because of the antenna, as signals might not be reaching properly. Many people believe that antenna is nowadays a redundant concept, but there are several opportunities till today.

This device helps you in testing the input impedance of the antenna. This best antenna analyzer would notify you whether it is capable of working in the application you require it for or not. It is a helpful tool and solves the problem of signals for good.

There is a solution to every problem, and the best antenna analyzer would lessen your headache and help you figure out the resistance to signals. Anyway, we intend to help you decide the best antenna analyzer.

1. Seesii Nanovna UHF Antenna Analyzers

Seesii Nanovna UHF Antenna Analyzers

This small device (product) would make you wonder that if it is an antenna or smartphone. Whether Would it be able to provide accurate results with such a small size? It has simple software for operating it through PC, and you can use simulation software through PC.

As far as the frequency range is concerned, it has a wide one making it the best antenna analyzer of all times. The algorithm of frequency is increased to measure a frequency of 1.5GHz. This antenna analyzer has a high band output.

It can be easily charged through the USB connection of a laptop and has a built-in 650mAh batteries power to ensure its high performance. The readings are displayed after testing on the touch screen of the best antenna analyzer.

There is no need to worry about exposure to high temperatures as the circuit boards (switch) are made up of ceramic material that is further coated by silica gel, making it highly resistant to temperature. Moreover, the system can be turned on using a simple switch on top of the antenna analyzerS, and this switch can be turned on and off.

The user would feel convenience while using it as it is easy to use. The band range of 300M to 600MHz increases its functionality, and its dynamics are better than 60dB. Many would love to find impedance using this simple and best antenna analyzer.


  • The extended band provides improved dynamics.
  • Compact in size and easy to use.
  • Highly resistant to temperature.
  • Capability to work 2 hours without a power source
  • Easy software for editing and calibrating.


  • The cable provided has lower quality so you would need to spend more money.

2. Elikliv Vector Network Antenna Analyzer

Elikliv Vector Network Antenna Analyzer

This product is one of the best antenna analyzers in the market nowadays. It has all the features you want, including the touch screen, wide frequency range, and fast software. Even the model is being copied, but the accuracy of its results is off the charts.

You can zoom in and out of the screen to take the correct measurements. It is one in all package with a wheel at the top to control the Vector network analyzer with ease, and a touch screen can also be used in replacement. It is a perfect portable antenna analyzer.

It can be powered using a USB or batteries, and with the help of an improved algorithm, the frequency measurement can now be obtained with even higher accurate results. Supports frequencies to 900MHz and stands alone without a need for a PC.

You can connect the device with a PC to read the various measurements on a bigger screen and edit them. The sign of lines needs to follow according to the graph to follow the operation.

Furthermore, it is built of ceramic material for higher temperature resistance. You can save the measurement on a PC using the built-in software that is easy to use, and files can be exported. The band range of 600M to 900MHz has proved to be better than 50dB


  • This product provides perfect measurement of network
  • The algorithm has improved frequency measurement
  • Touch LCD for zoom, record, and ease of access
  • Batteries as well as USB powered
  • Small and easy to move


  • There is no guide or instruction for beginners.

3. Nano Seesi H4 Network Antenna Analyzer

Nano Seesi H4 Network Antenna Analyzer

It is a possibility that you might be new to this radio analysis. There is a possibility that you might be a regular user. This antenna analyzer would make you wonder that the proverb all great things come in small packages is true.

For regular radio users or those who love to listen to the radio, its results are fantastic. We recommend you try this best antenna analyzer. The most compelling feature it offers is its operation that ranges from 10 kHz to 900MHz, and you would feel your money is invested in the right place.

Moreover, this product functions with fast speed, and when it arrives, you would love to see them packing. It has a box that has enclosed foam for safety and is easy to unpack. It has displayed excellent performance according to reviews of users.

The touch screen is larger, and you can calibrate the data yourself. It is battery-powered with a large capacity of up to 1950mAh. It is portable and compact, which makes it even more desirable.

It is highly safe as it is covered with ABS plastic material casing that is strong enough to survive an impact. You can read impedance and take measurements on PC because of its compatibility and transfer files as well.


  • Rechargeable battery that can last longer
  • Plastic covered casing for safety
  • Compact design and handheld
  • Compatibility with PC and Android smartphone
  • Measurement range up to 1.5GHzLarge touch screen for ease of use


  • From customer's review the touch screen calibration is found to be faulty and doesn't provide accuracy.

4. AURSINC HF VHF UHF Network Antenna Analyzer

AURSINC HF VHF UHF Network Antenna Analyzer

The price at which this antenna analyzer is being sold is too low for the features it provides. This one here is one of its kind and covers all of the deficiencies in other vector network analyzers, making it the best antenna analyzer of all times.

Every device has a range of frequencies till which it can perform. If you aim to use it for higher frequencies, then accuracy in readings is a dream. However, this antenna has high accuracy and can be controlled by a PC

It provides a Nano VNA software that makes it easy for the user to observe a PC's readings. The files recorded can be used under simulation software for better design and clearance. It can also be connected to a smartphone using the app from Play Store so that if you are moving around don't want to use a PC, and then your phone would help you as a replacement.

The extended 900M to 1.5GHz band has proved to be far greater than 40dB. So the enhanced algorithm for frequency is the best thing that will be required for measuring impedance. It has an upgraded version of novel software.

To ensure an accurate result, the body is made up of steel to block external interference. After the ease of using the smart display would make you thank the brand for a great analyzer.


  • Improved version of the software
  • Connectivity to smartphone and PC
  • Easy to calibrate using the touch screen
  • Cost-effective
  • A large power source (batteries) can work for a long time


  • The small screen is a hurdle to accurate calibration.

5. Session Nanovna-H Antenna Analyzer

Session Nanovna-H Antenna Analyzer

If you are thinking of buying a nano VNA, we recommend this brand other than those above. Its manufacturing quality and working efficiency are both reviewed and approved by many users.

One of this cute-looking hf antenna device's attractive features is that batteries powers it, so you don't need to worry about moving around or power shutdown. The 650mAh would help you finish your pending tasks.

This hf antenna analyzer can be connected directly using a USB-C line that would help you connect a maximum number of smartphones to tackle the issue of a small screen of VNA and increase brightness through a smartphone.

Moreover, this hf antenna uses an odd harmonic extension for the support to as high frequency as 1.5GHz. It is easy to assemble as the box has all the necessary cables and connectors for connection. The build-in quality is supreme as it can resist heat because of the ceramic-based circuit boards that can sustain higher temperatures.

The connectors are made up of platinum to reduce the several connection points. The extra smartpen allows you to manage the screen if you face a problem with a small screen. The working time of the batteries is more or less 3 hours, so relax and get it.


  • High-quality connectors to reduce excessive connecting points.
  • Ceramic based boards to resist vibrations
  • Separate batteries for work during traveling
  • USB-C capability to connect multiple smartphones
  • Built-in software for accuracy and measurement


  • Small battery capacity might put a halt to work.

6. Hima Nano VNA Battery Powered Analyzer

Hima Nano VNA Battery Powered Analyzer

This antenna model is known for its small size and high accuracy of results. You can control this top device through display and just sweep the screen back and forth for evenly higher control. The entire operation can be monitored, and you would get the feeling that your money is invested in the right place.

One of the best antenna analyzer that have compatibility with hf VHF UHF antenna analyzer. A multi-functional switch over the body's outer casing is there for additional control of the device during operation.

It has a USB Interface, and all C-type devices can be connected for their charging plus power. Moreover, it can be connected to a PC if you are facing problems regarding the small screen of the device.

You can easily select the format of the display screen as per your requirement. In addition to this, you can save the measurements, and it has a top-quality display of LCD screen. This antenna analyzer has a built-in battery that can work without power.

According to the reviews of other buyers, it provides completely accurate results. The box comes with a complete kit, including the connectors and cables.


  • Light in weight and compact designed SWR analyzer.
  • Analyzes HF, UV, VHF
  • Easy compatibility with PC and type C-USB devices
  • Frequencies` measurement 300 mhz to 600 mhz and aa 600 mhz to 900 MHz
  • Saving of data and results


  • Small sized batteries which leads to fewer working hours.

7. RigExpert AA-35 Smart Antennas Analyzer

RigExpert AA-35 Smart Antennas Analyzer

Are you still a lover of standard mobile phones which have buttons and designs like of TV remote? You should then check out this RigExpert AA top device as you would need to spend less money and get the best out of this pocket machine.

Furthermore, Rigexpert AA analyzer can be used to measure electrical resistance at 25, 50, 75, and a 100-ohm resistance for finding the impedance and tuning it. Best for testing of electrical resistance as it is easily moveable.

In terms of the frequency range, the lower range is 0.06, while the upper one is 35MHz. It has multiple functionalities of analyzing the cable and the antennas. Did you have a second doubt that this device might not have a smith chart?

The first option after opening this device menu is a smith chart. From it, you can make an impedance versus frequency graph. So just relax and enjoy the privileges of this mini device Rigexpert AA, that takes less money to invest and works as a top-level antenna analyzer.

You have two methods to control the device. First is the use of buttons and then the touch screen. So you don't have to worry about the efficiency and functionality of the Rigexpert AA antenna analyzer device. No need to find any complex devices over which you have to spend a lot of money.


  • Pocket based design of this device
  • Touch screen and buttons to control
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Additional batteries for power


  • O compatibility with PC or smartphone
  • The small screen is difficult to handle in rigexpert AA Antenna analyzer.

8. KKmoon Digital Display Network Antenna Analyzer

KKmoon Digital Display Network Antenna Analyzer

Are you bored of traditional colored network antennas analyzer? Then get this amazing white-colored VNA with a built-in touch screen for carrying out the smith chart and measuring the regular graph during operations.

It has a wide variety of frequency ranges. You can also edit the format of the display. The frequency range of 300M to 600MHz is better than 50dB. It is also better than 40dB because of the 600M-900MHz range.

The algorithm has been improved in this device and can now measure frequency from 500M to 9900MHz. It is a recommended device for beginners who tend to operate at lower frequency bands.

Moreover, you can move the touchstone files to your PC to observe the results on a larger screen and analyze them. You can play with the analyzer because of ease of usage and watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Thank us later.

The saved smith chart can also be observed in the form of a video on PC, and if you are a beginner and don't know how to analyze the results, then YouTube can become your partner by watching videos of analyzing results there.


  • Easy to use and control
  • The attractive appearance of the device
  • Measures frequency of higher range
  • Small in size, so portable
  • LED light identifies the power.


  • The small screen is a hurdle in calibration.

9. HKCNMA F Vector Analyzer

HKCNMA F Vector Analyzer

Concerned about the safety of your antenna? Do you prefer the body to be strong enough to survive an impact? Take it easy, as this analyzer device is there to solve your concerns. You ask how? It is made up of a special aluminum casing that covers the entire body and protects it.

Moreover, the aluminum casing supports interference of external signals that might become a hurdle to the accuracy of results. An additional pen comes within its kit, which could be used for using the touch screen and calibrating.

The LCD has multiple capabilities that include voltage to wave ratio, smith chart, S-parameter, and linear charts. Moreover, the screen size is quite bigger than usual that makes it even easier to use.

Your money will be best invested in this device as all its features remain at the top of another device. You can connect to the PC using the software and even switch to a browser for using it. The web browser has several videos related to the use of antenna analyzers.

You can play with the readings or smith chart as you may like it using the screen or using the PC connected through a USB interface. It can also be used as a charger for a smartphone batteries in case of an emergency.


  • Simple and easy to use, making it a child's play
  • Large battery capacity 5000mAh
  • Large touch screen for ease of usage
  • A big tool kit that includes connectors and cables of all sizes
  • Capable of connecting to phones and PC


  • You might need to replace the cables as they don't have top quality.

10. Comet CAA-500 Mark II Impedance Analyzer

Comet CAA-500 Mark II Impedance Analyzer

If you are looking for the most simple SWR analyzer that could provide accurate results, then this is the one you are looking for. It has a classical approach and is similar to a voltage measurer. Has a small LED board that gives information like battery charge or results.

You can measure an SWR graph using a simple sweep button, and within a minute, you would obtain the results. It has 6 AA batteries for high performance and works for maximum hours of a day.

You can measure the electrical resistance and just need to follow the ohmmeter. If you still feel a problem, you can use the browser or YouTube to watch tutorial video if you are a beginner or don't know how to measure values.

There is no such complexity of using it as it is just like a simple walkie-talkie and is quite easy to use for beginners. Helps you in measuring impedance and finding required and accurate results.


  • Easy to use and simple in design
  • Measures electrical resistance
  • Hardbody casing for resisting interference of signals
  • 6 AA batteries for long working hours


  • Not capable of connecting to a PC
  • Too old for modern technology

Buying Guide for Newbies

An antenna analyzer is a tool that you don't need on a daily basis or for living. But for those who have enthusiasm for radio should consider the following factors before buying the best antenna analyzers for themselves.

Shielded or Unshielded

It is important to find out whether the antenna device is shielded or not. The reason is that several external waves surround us, and they interfere with the antenna as well. So if it has a hard metallic casing, then the interference would be minimum. Furthermore, it would be able to survive an impact in case of falling.

Antenna Analyzer

Learning of Curves

It is important to learn the smith chart or other curves for newbies. The reason is that what would be the benefit of useful antenna analyzer when you don't know how to read a curve? Next, you can also try to learn it through browser or YouTube videos, or the device might have built-in features for users' learning.

Frequency Range

It is important to look out for the frequency range of the antenna analyzer you will buy for your device. It depends upon your application. You don't need high frequency for radio, but for weather tracking, you probably need an antenna analyzer for higher frequency.

Antenna Analyzer


1. Do I need an antenna analyzer?

An antenna analyzer is a device that is not only limited to measuring impedance. Rather it can help you in the measurement of SWR, S-ratio, weather tracking, and even airplane tracking. It depends whether you have such a requirement or not, but tracking weather and airplane is still interesting.

2. How do you use an antenna analyzer?

It measures the incoming flux of voltage and current from which it forms a graph. You just simply need to calibrate the measurements when mathematical methods are calculating the impedance.

3. What is Nano VNA?

It is referred to as a small network antenna analyzer that is portable and can measure impedance, SWR graph, and much more. It is a small device with a display of its own with connectivity to a PC and smartphone.

4. How do you use MFJ 259?

It requires 8 to 18 volts for a good start. It has a powered jack on the top right side labeled as power. The connectors and conductors need to be connected to the proper battery positive and negative sides.

Final Verdict

It strongly depends upon your enthusiasm that you need the best antenna analyzer or not. If you are, then you need to spend your money on the right choice and see the quality yourself with quick results. This is often derived by your choice and application where you want it to apply. Besides, you can always watch the tutorial on YouTube for these antennas analyzer.

There is a chance that we might have forgotten some other good analyzers. Feel free to tell us. Thanks


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