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Icom 735 common problems and how to fix them?

Icom 735 is a high-frequency radio that covers a distance of about ten to 160 meters. It is a compact radio box and very easy to use. Its coverage range is from 100 kilohertz to 30 megahertz. It has good quality preamplifiers and noise blockers. It has an analog meter for capturing the signals. The other […]

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How to make a rabbit ear antenna work better?

Rabbit ear antennas are probably one of the most famous kinds of indoor antennas used with TVs. with an outdoor antenna, it is easy to access the desired channels, but with an indoor antenna as it becomes a little difficult to get all your favorite TV channels in HD quality audio and video. But there […]

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How to make a j pole antenna for 2 and 440?

J pole antenna generally consists of two elements having different wavelengths of about ¾ and ¼. A coaxial cable is attached with the two elements of the antenna. The conductor of one element is connected to the other element through a coaxial cable, usually copper in nature. The visible range of the antenna is best […]

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How To Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal?

Most people feel difficulty in watching TV because the signals are being distorted by the presence of many obstacles in the way from the transmission source. The best option is to install a TV antenna and to catch the right signals. But what if you have installed a TV antenna and are still facing the […]

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How To Connect A Yagi Antenna To A Cell Phone?

Yagi antennas are high-frequency capturing antennas and are the best signal boosters for every device that you connect with them. Yagi antennas are directional antennas, and they work best, and their direction is towards the reception tower. The antennas transmit and receive high-frequency signals because as they are specified for a single direction, their signal […]

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