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KEF Q100 vs. Q300

Before going into the details of models and types of speakers available, we would first understand KEF. KEF is the name of a British company that makes loudspeakers. It was founded by electrical engineer Raymond Cooke in 1961. KEF is the abbreviation of Kent Engineering and Foundry. The two Q100 and Q300 are the two […]

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Best HF Vertical Antenna

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are always quality HF vertical antennas to look out for. All the while having significant advantages for users like superb signal strength, multiband power, and much more. That being said, we will discuss a variety of vertical antennas here today that can fulfill your radio shack requirements. […]

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How to Connect Multiple TVs to One Antenna?

An antenna is always better as compared to a cable. If you have multiple TVs in your home, as most of the people have, and you cannot attach a separate antenna with every TV so there is a way that you can establish the connection of multiple TVs with the same outdoor antenna. Using an antenna […]

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How to Calculate Antenna Length for Frequency?

There are different kinds of antennas available, and they have different lengths. The length of an antenna varies depending upon the frequency and style of the antenna. There are several ways by which you can calculate the length of an antenna to determine its frequency.Measuring the length of an FM radio antennaFM Radio antennas work […]

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Icom 735 common problems and how to fix them?

Icom 735 is a high-frequency radio that covers a distance of about ten to 160 meters. It is a compact radio box and very easy to use. Its coverage range is from 100 kilohertz to 30 megahertz. It has good quality preamplifiers and noise blockers. It has an analog meter for capturing the signals. The other […]

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